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3 reasons why Wikipedia will be your friend this school year

When I was in High School, there were always things most teachers would always say at the start of the year. Things like “This isn’t like last year, things are going to be different”, or “I’m not holding your hand” or one of my favorites “ You should be doing 2 to 3 hours of homework a day for this class”. 308 more words


My First Donation goes to Wikipedia

Today, while browsing Wikipedia about an article on Cornell note taking system, I saw a banner that had a message about donating to Wikipedia. And, I clicked on it and donated 300 INR (Indian National Rupees) from my bank account. 251 more words


Jimmy Wales: The birth of Wikipedia

This is a great case study on building volunteers.

Common misconceptions

Do you use Wikipedia? I find that people either love it or hate it (or just don’t trust it). I rarely go there for the final word on anything, but I do love it as a starting point for topics I don’t know much about (Actually, I checked it just moments ago to find out who Lena Dunham’s mom is– Laurie Simmons, FYI). 260 more words

Fan Magazine Wikipedia Edits

This is the first time I’ve used Wikipedia, and I had a great time learning the html codes (it brought me back to sixth grade, when I learned this stuff the first time). 382 more words