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Puppy Fox from Paul Gozzo

I came across this fox puppy while on a recent hike.

Paul Gozzo

Strobist Portrait

When a whitetail doe wanders into a setup with a pair of Canon 580EX II strobes set up (to the left and right) and you remotely trigger them with a Canon ST-E2, here’s what you can get…..sometimes. 25 more words

Outdoor Photography

One- horn Rhinoceros

One- horn Rhinoceros is endangered animal in the world it is found in lowland Terai region forest on Nepal.

Travel Info

IELTS Speaking Part 2 - Q.7 Model answer

Last week’s IELTS Speaking Part 2 question might appear slightly difficult because it is a departure from the usual questions about personal experiences.

However, since this is a factual question, some students actually find it easier to answer. 230 more words


There’s a bat on my doorstep!

I find wild animals fascinating. I was raised on PBS Nature documentaries. Some of my earliest memories involve cheetahs chasing down and disemboweling gazelles. I donate money to save polar bears, and gasp with delight when I glimpse a deer in a National park. 529 more words

J is for Jaguar

Photo of Jaguar by Jannick Turbe on Flikr.


Yaguar ‘he who kills with one leap’ – Native American 

Under the

rainshine… 265 more words


A non-hiking interlude

From time to time, I’ll probably throw up some posts that I find interesting but aren’t hiking related.  No big deal.  Today is going to be about the… 998 more words