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Edible Vs. Palatable

When it comes to enjoyment or dislike of various flavors, no two people will ever completely resonate. For each of us, the answer to whether a particular food (wild… 484 more words


Intro to Wild Edibles

*WARNING* Only eat wild plants which you have studied thoroughly and can identify with 100% certainty.

Experts often recommend observing a plant as it grows from season to season, throughout an entire year. 106 more words

Edible Plant Species

Wild Edibles and Herbal Medicine

Hippocrates once said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” and although that may not seem like headline news, the concept should be pondered, at least for a moment. 482 more words

Tripple S Tonic - Sweetbirch, Spicebush & Sassafrass

The Tripple S Tonic as it was called consisted of Sweetbirch, Spicebush and Sassafrass. Each of these plants has its own individual excellent flavors and benefits but when combined together the tea was marketed as having the ability to cure just about every ailment known and rejuvenate health to a level of childhood play. 56 more words

Primitive & Outdoor Living Skills

Hericium Hunt: Days Late and Feet Short

A hericium or “Lion’s Mane” mushroom growing on an oak tree, circled in red.

With the first rain of the season some weeks ago the countdown had begun until the opening harvest of mushroom season. 655 more words