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Grasses are Edible (Cereals)

The most famous grasses are rice, wheat, and corn.  The staff of life for us and for many grazing animals. You may think it is too hard to raise your own bowl of porridge and, besides, those grains are GMOs now, right? 231 more words

Food Forest

Worms... yum

The little ladies seemed too hungry when I went in to feed them today.  I pulled some more Kochia scoparia for them since they stripped the last ones to the stalk. 155 more words

Wild Edibles

Lactarius Indigo

This blue mushroom received so much interest, deservedly, on my earlier post that I thought I’d pass along some info about it. As I said in reply to a comment, it was almost otherworldly. 763 more words

Medicine Walks

Chickens Eat Greens

Cleaned the little ladies’ coop today. They are getting braver with me, walking by and brushing against my bare legs. Not sure what that means in chicken-speak but it seems friendly enough. 240 more words

Wild Edibles

Chickweed, That Tasty Little Pest

Chickweed, most of us would never know that chickweed is a wonderfully delicious “weed” that can be eaten while hiking, walking or when we’re in need of trail munchies. 603 more words

Preparing For Your Future, Crazy or Cautious?

Here’s something to ponder, especially in today’s economy…have you ever wondered what would happen if there actually were a national disaster of some sort…catastrophic storms, economic collapse? 501 more words

Foraging for Food

We have now entered the point in the summer where my family has traditionally began to forage for foods for the winter. I live in Pennsylvania, and we have a lot of free food going to waste all over the countryside. 837 more words