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Magical Elderberries

“Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries.” -French Guy in Castle, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

For a long time, that was about all the exposure I had to elderberries. 873 more words


Make the most of your herb garden, and save on Christmas gifts!

Having a steady supply of herbs through the summer is always a treat for anyone who likes to cook- and you don’t need much space to grow a good supply! 488 more words


Wild Apple and Rose Geranium Jelly

Although our crab apples are not doing well this year, we do have one wild apple tree which is doing fine. You probably know the kind of apple I am talking about, the ones no one wants to pick, much less eat. 475 more words


The BULL about Bull Thistle

Bull Thistle, that prickly, pokey, spiny plant that hurts to even think about touching.  We did though.  We touched it a lot.  We got poked, ALOT!   471 more words


Wildflower Wednesday 13

Last week, if you remember, we found a new type of clover. It was hard to see the details in the more artsy photo Elizabeth took, so I asked her if she would take one to help you identify the Rabbit-foot Clover if you were ever to run across it yourself. 1,083 more words

On The Campbell 'Estate'

Jeudi dans le jardin 4

The harvest has begun, at least of some garden (and wild) edibles. Elizabeth is hard at work bringing in produce, blanching or drying it or cooking with it and putting the results of her efforts into the freezer or on the pantry shelves for winter use. 711 more words

On The Campbell 'Estate'

Wildflower Wednesday 12

This is certainly a breezy summer. Elizabeth apologises for the lack of clarity in some of the photos once again. It seems that as soon as there is enough light to shoot, the breeze has come up. 704 more words

On The Campbell 'Estate'