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Day 327 Wild garlic / Bärlauch

This edible plant (Allium ursinum) has very pristine white flowers which can be used in the same way as the leaves. Once the flowers appear the leaves lose their vitality and so it is actually better to use them. 78 more words


Bizarre garlic butterball

Poised at the tip of a long, skinny stem, this freakish red head with frizzled green hair may be the flowering end of a Wild garlic ( 21 more words


Almost St John's Eve

Anticipating Saint John’s Eve, Mrs T and I welcomed NAIB2 and Harry to al fresco lunch under the vine. John may have died because of a drunken promise at a debauched feast; this was a more decorous affair. 262 more words

Nature's way of 'planting'

I tend to leave the edges of the garden away from the vegetable polycultures to do their own thing as far as is practical.  I have an ever increasing respect for nature knowing what is best and like to trust her to fill in these gaps as she pleases.  364 more words

Forest Gardening

A Sporadic Approach

I’m not very good at this blogging lark.  A workmate of mine is currently travelling around the world and he is blogging almost daily with interesting posts and lots of stunning photos. 217 more words