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A Kale of Two Salads

Someone asked me if it has to be all or nothing with Clean Eating. At the beginning, it was ALL! I totally committed to this new way of eating. 514 more words

Clean Eating

Eggplant sandwiches where the eggplant is the "bread;" Wild Rice Blend; tomato - 23 July 2014

I made this to use up the fresh mozzarella (Cheese Board person thought the balls were 4 oz but they were 8, so I had bought two when I should have bought one) and then I was reminded it also used prosciutto, so I used up the last slice of that, too, which was bought for the calzoni. 497 more words


Roasted Eggplant with Chermoula, Yogurt, & Cauliflower. And a Wedding!

Friends. Let me tell you about this yummy little lunch I made myself and my roommate today. But first,  I need to talk about something. As I write this, I can feel myself sinking and slouching farther and farther down the couch. 743 more words


Creamy Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup

For the longest time, I hated mushrooms. The smell, the taste, the texture; I just couldn’t bring myself to eat them. And the worst part was — I wanted to like them! 307 more words




White and wild rices combined with sauteed onion, crimini mushrooms, green beans and cherry tomatoes. Tossed with a creamy sesame, chocolate and walnut dressing. 414 more words


Duri djondjon (haitian black rice)

The famous Haitian black rice.
That rice is not like the usual wild rice (Indian rice) you know about. See, it’s not naturally/originally black.
It’s prepared with the famous edible Haitian mushroom called ” djondjon” . 249 more words

Native Recipe