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The Alchemy of Crafting Goals

I already explained how good goals can turn bad. This post will further delve into why it’s critical to create well-formed goals, whether it pertains to your personal or career life. 892 more words


Ben Whisler--"Wildcard"

Here’s some video footage from Ben Whisler’s appearance on The VU Backstage.  Enjoy!


JavaScript required to play BenWhisler. 111 more words

The Vu Backstage

Misspent Youth, Pour-a-Quiche, Introducing Rosamunde Portsmouth

When I was busy misspending my youth–by which I mean everything from the day I quit piano lessons, through the summer I lived in the “International House” in Freiburg learning instead of German, up until I realized all my options had become limited–I often heard myself telling people I thought maybe I would write a book one day. 157 more words


Ben Whisler on The VU Backstage

Until last night, it had been a long time since we had featured a country artist on the show.  I think the last one was… 199 more words

The Vu Backstage

Aguero time

Firstly, i have been very busy adding content to the password protected wildcard area. Its been a huge task, but its getting there, i hope you find it useful. 226 more words

When Good Goals Turn Bad

Despite social convention, one is never too late to either create or post about goal setting for the new year. Or, as Gandalf says:

Resolutions are a funny thing. 1,250 more words


Shell - Introduction

Shells are applications that use the kernel API ; they manages the user–system interaction by prompting users for input, interpreting their input, and then handling an output from the underlying operating system. 179 more words

Operating Systems