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Happy end of January!

I know what you must be thinking, “what! Erin this is 4 posts in one month!?” Yes, this is kinda a lot so don’t get used to this rate, but I am trying to keep this a bit more regular. 673 more words


In the Middle of the Street

I wake up abruptly from a reoccurring dream. The title of the blog today is the self appropriated title of that dream.  There is a childhood story behind this dream. 525 more words

GospelCntro Ministries

Sheepshead / Mcdonald Linkup

Winter break in Montana flew by, and between very enjoyable family time and less enjoyable wisdom teeth time I was able to get a decent 70k out in the mountains.   513 more words

Trip Reports

Bird Wars...

When you keep bird feeders around your yard, the birds let you know when they are empty.  This little cardinal was pecking at the window today letting me know it was time to refill. 114 more words



It was all surreal.

Veins of the tree on the right.
Looked lifeless.
Red amidst all the green.
Magically appeared out of nowhere.

Two stories merged into one. 13 more words



Woke up to this dream world. Felt like a six year old again. If there had been snow when i was six. Which there wasn’t. Because it never snowed in England. 170 more words