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Wales' Wildernesses - the Cambrian Mountains' 6 nature reserves

Did you know there are SIX nature reserves in the Cambrian Mountains? It’s a little surprise when you consider the Cambrian Mountains has been a refuge for wildlife for centuries. 497 more words


The wild pansy, or heartsease

This beautiful little flower was photographed on the sand dunes of Aberffraw on Anglesey.   The wild pansy, Viola tricolor, has so many different names: ‘Heartsease’, ‘Love-in-idleness’, ‘Love-lies-bleeding’; and in Welsh ‘Blodeuyn Wyneb Mair’ ( 484 more words


Photo of the Day 1

So far, a lot of the photographs in my blog haven’t actually been mine. I have tried to give credit wherever possible but I thought I’d start putting some of my own up too. 302 more words


26th March - snow in Glen Lyon

Glen Lyon is widely described as Scotland’s most beautiful glen, and with so many lovely glens to choose from, that has got to be a very big accolade. 283 more words

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It's Official; Octopuses is the Plural of Octopus!

Let’s be honest, except for Paul the octopus, no one really gives squid or octopuses any recognition, and when they do, they’re, more often than not, depicted as the bad guys, occasionally with a voracious appetite for human flesh. 566 more words

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The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef, if you were to do a Family Feud style survey of “things you think about when you hear Australia” this would probably be right up there with kangaroos, koalas, and Vegemite. 243 more words