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My First Commission - Lenny the Wombat!

Hi Everyone,

How exciting – I did the “Winter Wombat” and posted it on facebook and I was asked to do my first commission… a wombat named Lenny – brought up by a wildlife carer named Sue. 108 more words

Marsupial Mouse -had to make changes for my mouse to sell on ebay (sold)

Hi Guys,

Well I must admit I was sloppy with the beginning of this painting – it is a soft pastel which I  used acrylic to highlight and then later added oil pastel in silver to give it a special something. 169 more words

Sold my "fox watching" on ebay!

HI Everyone,

I did my first fox in soft pastel and acrylic, put it on ebay for a starting figure of $7.50 plus $2.70 postage – I chose to price it so low because I did it roughly (only took less than half an hour) plus it was just a test subject – I did it direct from a photo that I found online and I did it on 140gram paper, what I did with it though was to layer the eyes in acrylic so they popped out (literally) from the painting. 26 more words

Horse in soft pastel

Sold this on ebay just recently but I will be doing another one shortly… The one on ebay was done on 140gram paper – so I sold it for only around $7.95… 9 more words

Hawk, pastels on sanded paper

I’ve had to take my case to the military Ombudsman and they have agreed to investigate. They are seeing what I have been putting up with in the last year and confirmed that I have been targeted and harassed by this unit. 182 more words

New Painting

Here is a new addition to the website. Hope you like it. It is available as a wildlife print or original.
It is a 16 x 12in acrylic painting of a Cheetah with cub.

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