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A Wood Duck Full of Color

Every birder has what is known as a nemesis bird. Mine was the wood duck. Try as I might, every time I would try to find a wood duck, I came up empty handed. 445 more words


Duck Wannabe

What looks like a duck, but isn’t a duck? The American Coot!

A duck wannabe, they can be found floating along with mallards, and other winter migrating ducks. 209 more words


Wings of Angels

I now know where angels get their wings from. They get them from beautiful and elegant Tundra Swans.

With a wingspan over five feet wide, these swans can throw their hefty 20+ pounds into a hit. 209 more words


Earthly Heron Landing

I was all prepared to return to this week’s Duck Dynasty program with the wintering ducks on the Chesapeake Bay. But then a short series of images from today’s outing at Schoolhouse Pond in Upper Marlboro, Maryland shined through. 96 more words


Snowed In

We’re interrupting the regular Duck Dynasty program due to a winter weather warning. Today was a snow day. Not only by the weather outside, but also on my home office desk. 260 more words


The Canvasback

Got another diving duck for you today in this week’s diving ducks in Centennial Lake theme. Allow me to introduce you to “The Canvasback”. As the largest diving duck found in North America, the Canvasback has bright red eyes. 158 more words


Duck, Duck, Dive!

Woo Hoo ! Finally got out for the first day after my surgery just a week ago. Amazing that I was able to get out so soon after some major excavation done. 210 more words