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Not So Stealthy This Time

Alligators can often be quite sneaky. They can lurk underwater and surface just at the right (or wrong…depending on perspective) time.

So earlier this week I noticed this big guy trying to act all casual at the edge of the marsh pond. 109 more words

Wildlife Photography

Life within the waves.....

It was a friday morning just before sunrise (March, 2011)…… there we were at Al Aqqa beach in the Emirate of Fujeirah in the United Arab Emirates….. 89 more words



There are approximately 1,700 species of insect belonging to the order Hemiptera (Bugs) in Britain. Bugs are characterized by the possession of a rostrum, or beak, which is used to suck juices from plants or animal prey.

The Lord of the Branch

This juvenile Blue Jay watched intently as I filled the feeders this morning.  He’s obviously not a brand new fledgling, but you can tell he is still young by the pink around the beak and by his mannerisms. 139 more words

Backyard Birds

Loon legs

The signature bird of the northern forests, the Common Loon, is an adept swimmer and diver, a speedy flyer (up to 70 mph on migration), but a pathetic walker. 250 more words