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Alice Friedemann: On Safari in Botswana, Crown Jewel of Wildlife Conservation – PART 1

A dear friend of Joan Larsen takes us with her into the wilderness of Botswana, and the results are spectacular.

By Alice Friedemann

This country is mostly a desert… 993 more words


Thursday ~ October 30, 2014

Happy Thursday!

All I have for you today is this image of two birds on my makeshift tree branch.  It was either show you this and babble a little or not post at all.   126 more words

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Locked On [Atlantic Puffin]

An Atlantic Puffin locks its eyes on me as it makes a (very) high speed pass on the Island of Skokholm. It was great to be back on the island and certainly this year I was much more prepared by the speed of these fantastic seabirds.


Royal Flycatcher | animal blog | by M. Pittet

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“This spectacular display of plumage – like similar displays on male tropical birds – is generally only on display during courtship rituals and in competition with other males over breeding or territory.”

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Source: animaladdiction

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She-Wolf Haiku

This she-wolf’s not yours
And always commands respect
For she is Alpha

Picture taken by me, Yellowstone National Park