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Common Blue Butterfly (Male)

The long hunt is finally over, I got the little beggar this morning. Did I say little beggar? I meant beautiful little Butterfly, the one that I have spent so many fruitless hours chasing round this bl**dy field. 66 more words

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Ground Squirrel Eats Snakeskin - True Story!

I was taken aback when I saw this golden-mantled ground squirrel in Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado drag off a discarded snakeskin and then start eating it! 128 more words



On our way out of the zoo, we came across this peahen being displayed to by one of the peacocks. Even though he did a good job showing off everything God gave him, she seemed more concerned with getting away, which she eventually did. 47 more words


Are you my brother?

All’s well that ends well. Several weeks latter we spotted these newly hatched killdeers, and several others, along the side of the road hiding in the short grass and exploring the world and each other.


The Red Tails lift and glide above me,
circling our gather within oak trees, chemise
and fractured granite that hasn’t moved

for centuries on this mountain. 83 more words