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The Game Warden

In each region, Game Wardens are officials that are responsible for law enforcement pertaining to all laws for hunting, fishing, and trapping animals. Though they specialize in laws of wildlife regulation, they also have to power to arrest you for some other offenses, like a DUI. 30 more words


The Pros and Cons of Hunting

The killing of wildlife for food used to be a part of everyday life for humans. In the past, before modern society came to be, hunting animals was an essential key to survival to the human race. 641 more words


Whitetail Deer & Wild Turkey

The Whitetail Deer and the Wild Turkey are some of the most frequently hunted game in our state. Many of my friends hunt both of these animals every year (oftentimes along side their entire families). 72 more words


15 Great Stocking Stuffers for the Adventurer in Your Life

We all know the holidays can be a stressful time of year, especially when you have no idea what to get your loved ones. In need of some last-minute gift ideas for that adventurous person in your life? 1,349 more words

The Green Field

This is an example of a well managed and planted green field. A field like this is often set up with a shooting house (the vibrant green box in the corner of the field). 43 more words


How Hunters Help

A common misconception for people who do not hunt is that hunters are a danger to the environment and drive species into extinction by over-hunting. In the recent past, this was a negative part of the hunting culture that sustained our survival. 126 more words


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This guy looks more like Batman than Robin!