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There are approximately 1,700 species of insect belonging to the order Hemiptera (Bugs) in Britain. Bugs are characterized by the possession of a rostrum, or beak, which is used to suck juices from plants or animal prey.

Balfron Tower residency to capture sounds of the skies

I love birds and my friend Esther loves planes, we both record sound and create soundscapes- but in very different ways. We first met in 2011 on an artist residency at… 452 more words


Belle Isle; Detroit's Unkown Jewel

As I gaze out over the river, towards the skyline of buildings that make up downtown Detroit, a fellow Detroiter walks up and down the sandy shoreline of Belle Isle beach chanting “DEEEEETROIT,” over and over again. 679 more words

Exploring Detroit

Who Knew a Wolf Has Babies?!?

Some time ago, I read a delightful article that was masterfully articulated by FiddlinErin—she came across a wolf spider—and guess what? The eight-legged entity exploded! 520 more words


Rise Up!

Well, it doesn’t seem like a year since the car was serviced but as usual, time has flown by. I don’t know about you but I always feel better for the car after it’s been serviced, like it has sensitive feelings and its breathing a sigh of relief! 521 more words

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Does this look like a Chicken?


I have had another frustrating day and once again it has been the Common Blue Butterflies that have been the cause of it.

Now you would think that a famous naturalist like myself would know the answer to the question posed in the title above. 329 more words

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