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My 'deer' friend

I just wanted to share this quick little post with all my loyal reader who I have neglected for so long! Unfortunately we have been without the internet now for almost two months so I have taken that time to re-evaluate this blog and what I want to be doing with it in the future. 134 more words


A very colourful black and red bug

I was over at Killerton on Thursday for meeting and afterwards in the car park I photographed this bright red and black insect. The insect in an order known as the hemiptera or true bugs – they are identified from other insects by their mouth parts which are adapted to suck the juices from plants or animals – rather like a type of insectivorous hypodermic syringe! 119 more words


Mourning Dove in the Evening

I rather like these birds. They’re the only ones I know of, aside from swans, whose wings make a substantial sound during flight. A reader told me recently that some people don’t like their… 66 more words


Rhino number 121

I’m not actually sure what the tag in its ear means but I was just grateful to still be able to see rhino like this in the wild at Matobo National Park in Zimbabwe

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Prairie Dog

This photo was taken at the  Bosque del Apache Wildlife National Refuge in New Mexico.