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Juuust missed it!

One of our hidden wildlife cams here at the Conservancy Nature Center almost snapped a great shot of a coyote. But as you can see, all we were left with was the animal’s rear-end!

It's That Time of Year

While out picking up trash at the Wetlands yesterday came across this:

Not going to mess with that! We’ll grab that plastic bag from the bush next time…


Elephant drawing progress after 37 hours

I have been working on this drawing for 37 hours now (not in a row of course). I’m working on the details of his trunk now.


No longer cubs? - Still cubs!

When we saw Thanda’s Cheetah female together with her daughter and her sons, they looked like three fully grown Cheetah!

The two young ones lay majestically on top of a quarry wall while mum was scanning the surroundings for food. 83 more words



This is an American bullfrog froglet. At this stage they are usually about 2-3 years of age. Bullfrogs take a long time to develop from eggs. 133 more words