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Wildrose, the Media, and the Circus of Politics

I often have a love and hate relationship with the media in regards to politics. In the past week we’ve seen reversals of PC Party on things like… 438 more words


Too Close to Call

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The Scottish Independence Referendum is upon us and again we hear the chiming of the now too familiar phrase “TOO CLOSE TO CALL”. 432 more words

Canadian Politics

Danielle Smith - is she irritable or just irritating?

I confess I am not a Danielle Smith fan.  Candidly, it has nothing to with the Wildrose – I did some phone calling for Mark Dyrholm during their leadership campaign.  245 more words


Prentice's New Staff

There is much criticism surrounding Jim Prentice’s new staff.  They are ‘lie-berals’ I have heard trying to blend Federal politics from the early 80s into some meshing of Picasso-esque abstraction of a Prentice-led PC party. 447 more words


Prentice, Wildrose, and the Future of Alberta

The problem I have with the Wildrose is they are an aimless ship crewed by the more senior religious right and a growing segment of libertarians both of which have abandoned the Big-P little-c conservatives. 278 more words


John Everett Fletcher, court witness testimony.

This post will be reserved for the sworn evidence given by John Everett Fletcher, a lawyer from Calgary who holds both a BC and Alberta lawyer’s License to practise law. 213 more words