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Mon 21 July 2014: We played rugby in a thunderstorm

Me and my Dad had a kick about in the park yesterday.

It was sunny when we left the house but by the time we’d been playing for an hour or so we heard very loud thunder and saw big flashes in the sky… 46 more words

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Mon 14 July 2014: Playing football with the big kids at The Wick Hackney

This is me and my Dad havingĀ a kick about at The Wick Hackney on World Cup Final Day.

There’s a food stall there called Sugar Shack which makes the best post-match chicken in the world ever…

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Mon 07 July 2014: Our Roadtrip up a big long road...

Our car is called Big Cat and you can fit a lot of stuff in it. Which is good cos when we went to Grandma’s house in Scotland we needed to take a lot of stuff, including my Gruffalo Readybed and my brother Drum’s… 175 more words

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Mon 07 July 2014: When we win the lottery we're going to buy a castle in France...

When we win the lottery we’re going to get a castle in France and I can have my own bedroom.

Til then, me and Daddy are checking a few out in Country Life magazine…

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Tues 24 June 2014: England aren't doing too well in the #cricket, but I am!

I like cricket – I like watching it on tv too! It’s good cos they clap all the time. I clap for both teams, cos I like clapping. 7 more words

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Sun 22 June 2014: We ran out of ice cream so I decided to leave home...

We had no ice lollies left in the freezer. None. Not any. All gone.

How bad is that???!!

Worst thing in the whole wide world, right? 56 more words

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Mon 16 June 2014: Fathers' Day with my Dad

My Daddy (who is Drum’s Dad too) is the bestest Dad in the world.

On Fathers’ Day my Dad took me to RugbyTots and ran around with me even tho he was really tired from working all week… 55 more words

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