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The MMO Trinity

I just dinged 100 on my Orc Shaman, so the trinity of MMOs is complete once again.

  • Assassination Rogue (DPS)
  • Protection Warrior (Tank)
  • Restoration Shaman (Healer)
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Power Gamer Names WildStar "Best Soundtrack of 2014"

Very exciting!! While I can’t understand all of what they’re saying, it’s clear that, even alongside some other amazing video game scores, Power Gamer has named WildStar their… 47 more words


Betas, bugs and conversion rates

This year I took part in a couple of beta tests, notably for both Elder Scrolls Online and Wildstar. In both cases I decided not to buy either game and therefore not subscribe. 304 more words


WildStar shenanigans

Despite the return to WoW (and logging in several times per day) I managed to play some WildStar as well. My Stalker is nearly 46, cleaning up Malgrave and is generally quite fun to play. 222 more words


MMO PvP in 2014: The Recap

It seems both Tagn and Hardcore Casual have been reviewing their predictions from last year and it was interesting to see how their attempts faired so, why not have a go too.  1,217 more words


A Video Game Changed My Life

It may be strange for some of you to hear this, but a video game changed my life.

For those of you who don’t know my online gaming history, I spent a few years of my high school life being addicted to a certain MUD–a text-based online role-playing game. 738 more words


Endgame: is leveling really necessary?

EverQuest is what first introduced the DikuMUD model to MMORPGs. It was World of Warcraft however that really popularized it.

By definition, Diku is heavily combat and character progression driven. 840 more words