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Hyping the hype: Dragon Age 3

So, hi guys.

Im pretty much hyping another game now. You know, i already did that with Wildstar. That game is still awesome btw. It’ll release at the 3rd June if im not mistaken. 454 more words

Competitive Video Games

...easter: wildstar edition

So! Since my last entry, I’ve continued to be busy busy busy….with gaming that is. XD

This is my Beta character, Kaeret, chillaxin by her “Fabergé” egg sculpture. 598 more words


WildStar: Chris Lynch leaves Carbine Studios

Unfortunate news, today, it has been confirmed by Carbine Studios that Chris Lynch, lead combat designer, has decided to part ways with the WildStar team.  Fortunately, Carbine Studios also stated that the Lynch left on “good terms” by releasing this statement: ( 132 more words


Wildstar Beta

I managed to get into Wildstar Online Beta.  Free Keys at Cursed Gaming or pre-purchase.  I have to say this will be the next big MMO.  658 more words


Aesthetics & Customisation

Aesthetics, shinies, phat loots. We all want it really don’t we? I mean who would pass up that epic mount upgrade that only drops from a certain boss at the end of a veteran dungeon? 470 more words


Why Medic?

I had three choices facing me as a player when I first got Beta access. Spellslinger, Esper or Medic. The trinity gave me a clear path of which classes I should be considering as a heal-addict. 329 more words