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Questing - why is it so dull in recent MMORPGs

As the years have gone by, we’ve seen a multitude of MMORPG titles come and go, titles that could without the slightest bit of dishonesty be called WoW clones. 1,123 more words

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50 MMOs in 50 Days #40: Rusty Hearts

Last played: 2011
Experience: Very Minimal

We’re all used to having to repeat dungeons or raids or dailies at max level. But at least during the leveling process, we get to do things that are a little different, in different areas. 446 more words

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Try The New Leveling In Guild Wars 2

Whether or not it’s the right system for GW2, I think there’s been a serious overreaction insofar as millions upon millions of players have leveled characters in games with significant ability and perk gating for years. 482 more words

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Why the hardcore need the casual - even in PVE

An Introduction in Place

Hello there, dear reader!

In all likelihood you are a new reader, considering the fact this is the  first post in this blog. 768 more words

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Jelly Bubbles, First Steps of Attunement and a New Ant Farm

Jelly Bubbles

This will be a rather short post as today was already a long day. I’m so ready for a holiyday but I still have to wait a few more weeks for tha it. 483 more words


#Wildstar - 3 Months In

I want to talk about the negativity around Wildstar – which I guess is sort of a Streisand effect…

First off, Massively isn’t a gaming news site.  791 more words


Big Changes! WildStar Megaservers and Single-player Dungeon Coming!

Source From: http://www.wildstarplatinum.us/news/55–big-changes-wildstar-megaservers-and-singleplayer-dungeon-coming

WildStar is losing its players gradually these days. NC Soft has been working on it to make players return to WildStar. From the news in the official web and discussions in other forums, we know that there will be big changes coming in WildStar after such a long silence. 332 more words

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