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Wildstar changed datascape

Wildstar is changing raid instance from 40 player size to 20 player size and there are several reasons for that. 621 more words


The dearth of MMOs with puzzles

I’m slightly worried that the Secret World may have spoiled my long-term enjoyment of many MMORPGs. The game is a pretty unique one in the genre not only because it’s a rare modern-day/horror game amid a sea of Orcs & Elves fantasy but also because of the truly varied content types. 373 more words


Active combat fatigue

In Syp’s latest Wildstar post on his Bio Break blog he mentions action combat fatigue as an issue with his gaming sessions in that MMO. He’s limiting his playtime to 60-90 minutes because combat is requires such concentration: 390 more words


Wildstar Esper Hand

Here’s one of the projects I actually forgot to put up before, it was made around early June, and based on one of the most exciting games I’ve played in a long time. 101 more words


Wildstar free transfers between servers

Wildstar recently migrated players to one of two ‘megaservers’ themed around PvE and PVP, and following complaints that the PvP one has been a little too quiet, they’ve now been given a way to transfer between them. 166 more words


...wild-o-ween 2014

While I do not get much into decorating my home for the holidays (other than Christmas, and even then it is usually limited to the living room), I very much wanted to try my hand at carving a non-traditional pumpkin for this year’s Halloween (meaning not your average snaggle-tooth grin with moon-shaped eyes variety). 586 more words

...special Occasion