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Is this what the summer hole feels like?

According to Twitter I hit Level 50 on my Spellslinger on August, 3rd – did a week full of dailies, then finally levelled another toon (Human Exile Female Medic) to 15 – which was great fun, by the way – and stopped playing for 2 weeks. 65 more words


Wildstar’s Update Schedule

In the last week Carbine Studios, the creators of Wildstar, made an announcement that the game was effectively moving away from the monthly update schedule that they had committed to prior to the games launch. 532 more words


Remnants Oceanic Gaming - Wildstar

It’s been a thrilling ride for Remnants Oceanic Gaming but this train is pulling into the station. Wildstar had a lot of potential with an innovative combat system, a suitable level of content difficulty and a niche cult following pre-launch. 429 more words

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Wildstar Revisited [P3]

And so it continues…

So apparently, Carbine will be addressing the low population server issues soon. Frost said in a tweet: “we are working on some tech regarding that issue. 866 more words


To WoW or Wildstar? Revisited

Which would you choose: the venerable standby or the upstart?

It has been a month since I penned my thought process on either returning to… 434 more words

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Listing updates

So I’ve been busy updating the housing listings to include a Q&A with the builders as well as changing up the layouts. I’ve had positive feedback so far so I will continue to update them as I get responses from the builders. 97 more words

WildStar Guide: What Can We Do With WildStar Housing?

Source from http://www.wildstarplatinum.us/news/50–wildstar-guide-what-can-we-do-with-wildstar-housing

WildStar Housing is a very cute design in WS and it is also quite popular, we are here today to discuss what can we do with WildStar Housing based on a hot video from youtube, may it help you enjoy the game much better. 389 more words