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Future plans for WildStar PvP - News: WildStar

Admittedly, I have not been following Carbine Studios’ MMORPG WildStar very much. When it was first released, I was deeply ingrained within The Elder Scrolls Online, and as such, couldn’t be bothered to try out a competing MMO. 183 more words


Be ready when they come - Guild Wars 2

Whoever said january would be quiet in terms of MMO news was wrong on this one- this month has seen the Early Access Launch of H1Z1, which, thankfully, is the one MMO-type game i’m not (yet?) interested in, the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online going buy-to-play and the announcement of the Guild Wars 2 expansion Heart of thorns. 779 more words


New Eden minor updates

I haven’t touched WildStar in a few days (or has it been 2 weeks with only logging in for a few mins?) because my non-Marvel Heroes time was mostly spent in New Eden, where my Nullsec char has now learned Interceptors (still need to save up for one though) and I also bought the first… 359 more words


WS - Combat

I am enjoying Wildstar. The writing is humorous and some of the effects are over the top – for instance, the animation when you level up. 785 more words


Friday's findings

This week

I only played Everquest 2 this week, and i have to say it feels good to do so. I changed my plan, though, and continued questing through the Butcherblock Mountains. 872 more words