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Failure IS an Option

I’m a pretty damned shy person, even with the comforting, fractal-causing veil of Holy Blanket Internet.  Grouping in MMOs is anathema to me in most cases and a source of intense nervousness and stress at the worst of times.   921 more words


Talking Video Game Music with Beta Test Radio!

Alright, interview #2 that was released over the weekend!!

I had a great time talking with Emily and Brad at Beta Test Radio.  Not just limited to WildStar, though we do touch on its music, we talk about music in video games as an interactive, immersive factor, and how a composer faces the challenges of quality audio in game development.



MMO Reporter Interview

This past weekend a couple different interviews surfaced. I want to take some time and share each one.

First, I’ll share the interview released by… 95 more words


13/10-14/10 2014: Wildstar Megaserver and Guild Wars 2 Horrorween 2014 Event

There are not many things happen during Monday too Tuesday. After reading several website and Facebook pages, I only found two news worth mentioning. Also if you are fond to… 243 more words


The Welcome Death of Bug-Free Gaming

As I was reading Eliot Lefebvre’s article about Wildstar’s continued survival on Massively, one particular section caught my attention.

Squashing bugs is always good. But if there’s one lesson to be learned from ArcheAge’s launch, it’s that people will put up with a lot of buggy instability if they’re super excited to be playing.

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World Of Warcraft

Two-Thirds of the Top-Rated Players in WildStar 2v2 Arena are Inactive

I’ve been wondering how accurately the WildStar PVP Leaderboards reflect the current meta and player activity, so I compared the 2v2 Arena Leaderboards from September 25th and October 10th. 754 more words