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WildStar New Content Drop: 15 VS 15 New WildStar Battlegrounds Sabotage

Source From: http://wildstarplatinum.us/news/38–wildstar-new-content-drop-15-vs-15-new-wildstar-battlegrounds-sabotage

There will be a new WildStar Battleground named Sabotage for PVP. We can tell how hardcore it is simply from its name. it is a new content full of explosions. 291 more words

Wildstar Gold

Beauty and the blight

Although beautiful seems to be the wrong word it’s what came to mind when questing in Grimvault. Well yes, all that Strain and eyes with and without stalks are certainly a bit grizzly but there were definitely some really beautiful sights in that area. 651 more words


Dev Speak - Sabotage

They’ve released this great video of upcoming 15v15 PvP with bombs !!! Bomb your enemies, bomb your teammates wreak havoc on the other 29 people in the instance map!

My Brief Summer Fling With Wildstar

All in all I like Wildstar. It has a nice combat system, the double jumps are awesome, all my characters look really cool and there’s that nice sort of “ 308 more words

The Pixel Lives Of Lorelei

WildStar DevSpeak: Sabotage

We’re about to drop a bomb on your face with Sabotage! We’re talking a 15 vs. 15 battleground called Daggerstone Pass. It’s got bases. It’s got mounts. 36 more words


Definition of hardcore gaming (mostly pertaining to Wildstar but can be applied to all games.)

*note this was originally a thread I started on the Wildstar forums, but felt it could be applied to all games so thought I would repost it here as well. 1,706 more words


WildStar Spellslinger Build: Efficient Spellslinger Solo PVP Build at Level 30 to 50

WildStar Spellslinger is a popular class as it has a various skill choices and a relatively easy start.

Source From: http://www.wildstarplatinum.us/news/37–wildstar-spellslinger-build-efficient-spellslinger-solo-pvp-build-at-level-30-to-50

We are here today to discuss a WildStar Spellslinger Build which is quite great in WildStar PVP and WildStar Solo. 287 more words