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Starting a new MMO - Why I'm looking forward to it, and why I'm not. Plus a look into the future of this blog!

As an avid WoW player for the past 7 and a half years, a new MMO is a strange world to me. I’ve dipped my toes into Guild Wars 2 sure, I played a fair bit of DC Universe Online and even… 2,046 more words


Day 276. More Wildstar pictures

I’ve been able to play Wildstar a bit more the past couple of weekends. Gene and I ended up buying the game and so we’re automatically able to get into the beta weekends. 152 more words

Post A Day

W. Econ. 101: Where Do I Sell Things

Welcome to Wildstar Economics 101, here you will learn the basic principles of surviving and even prospering in the markets of Wildstar.

Did I say markets? 486 more words

Econ PvP

Wildstar’a Healer Ve Engineer Geliyor



MMORPG oyunların olmazsa olmazları arasında medic olarak bilinen Healer yani takım arkadaşlarına can veren karakterleri bulunuyor. Healer karakterleri PvP ve PvE savaşlarında takım arkadaşlarının kolay kolay boyun eğmemesi adına oldukça önemli karakterler arasındadır. 237 more words


New 'Wildstar' PvP Features a 40 vs. 40 Player Battle Royale

The latest trailer from Carbine Studios gives us Warplot, a brand new high-level PvP system designed for players that have reached level 50.

The addition will have players building and defending bases, and each Warplot map will maintain two win conditions. 26 more words


GW2: Once more unto the breach

Well with my WoW account nearing its frozen status I will need an MMO to scratch that itch so decided to fire up and patch my old Guild Wars 2 account last night. 191 more words


Wildstar Races, Classes & Paths.

Sooo, iv’e got completely nothing to do atm since i’m a bit to tired to play Diablo Hardcore and Wildstar beta is still 1 day away, so I thought that I should write a line or two about every race, class & path about Wildstar to get you Wildstar newbies a bit more up to date. 2,429 more words