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Extrasă din cartea lui Romel Stăncioiu, „Stropi de înţelepciune”

Ceea ce vrea să dea impresia de adevăr nu poate fi adevărat.

                                          NIETZSCHE, Friedrich-Wilhelm (1844-1900)


The Whole Lot

I am outside, below a parking lot on a hill.  There are a couple other guys with me. There is a hose that runs from where we are, up to the top at the parking lot. 147 more words


Trailblazer: Dr. Wilhelm Reich

What at first appeared to be only “bioelectricity” was later clarified by Reich as a much more powerful bioenergetic force — a form of life-energy at work within living organisms… This … energy, which he eventually called orgone energy … was later observed as a blue-glowing aura-like phenomenon radiating from animals and people, from trees and even mountain ranges.

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On The Web

Story-Tellers. {Porch Tales #2.}

Friday 7th March 2014.

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I had just finished playing my guitar, placing it onto its stand, I turned round to see two middle aged men standing at the porch steps. 1,024 more words

German TV on Youtube

Recently I have been hunting around on youtube looking for German videos with English subtitles.  Since part of my interest in learning German is to better understand and relate to the history and culture, I have been lucky to find several videos about German history on youtube, which have been subtitled by youtube users: 179 more words


Watch "Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - Orgone Energy" on YouTube

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Honing Discernment. Informing Choice.
1. Challenge but not hurt feelings. 2. If its out there & worthy of remark, well, what do you expect? 10 more words

Positive Energy

Are you Looking for Investors?

Well the chances are that those investors will be outside the country, which means that English is going to be the way forward. There are about 335m English speakers worldwide, about 430m if we include non-native speakers. 233 more words