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Claptrap the Fragtrap

There has been a lot of speculation over what Claptrap’s Action Skill will be in the upcoming Borderlands game, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel.  Many believe he will be the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap, some believe that he will cloak, others believe that he will run around with explosive grenades.   239 more words


The Skaldic Insult Poem (For Lord Wilhelm Salzburger)

Wil would be a woman
Were lords not so sword-bound.
So spear-shy he does seem;
Shield-maidens have slain more.
Dorian, poor damsel
Does dote on the poor fool, 74 more words


Extrasă din cartea lui Romel Stăncioiu, „Stropi de înţelepciune”

Nimic nu e mai de preţ şi mai rar decât cinstea.

      NIETZSCHE, Friedrich-Wilhelm (1844-1900)


July 1914- The Countdown to War

“From 29 June to 1 July, Austro-Hungarian Foreign Minister Berchtold and Chief of the General Staff Count Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf debated the appropriate response to the Sarajevo Outrage. 429 more words

VII: Foreign Policy

The balloon skiff floated upwards alongside the zeppelin’s anchor line, and a goggled pilot waved signal flags at the captain of the Metternich. The captain yelled something in Teutonic, and Ministerpräsident Porsenna joined him at the bridge. 974 more words

Old World

The German Emperor

Prior to 1871, Germany as a country did not exist. Instead of one big country, there were a lot of smaller German states. Among those German states was Prussia. 229 more words


Death of an Artist by Kate Wilhelm

It’s a bad sign when the most interesting character in the book is murdered in the first third of the book.

Stef, an eccentric and brilliant visual artist, is at odds with her 4th husband, Dale. 186 more words