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One of the more cheerful bits of news this autumn has been about the health of the guitarist John Wilkinson  (aka Wilko Johnson).  Earlier this year Wilko collaborated with… 530 more words

Living the Good Life - the Martina Cole interview

Martina Cole is a publishing phenomenon, having made a habit of smashing sales records with each of her 21 novels.

Her hard-hitting, uncompromising writing is in a genre all of its own, and as her publisher puts it, ‘no one writes like Martina’. 2,865 more words

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More than a year ago a succession of experiences triggered the question from which The New Immortals project was born.  The first thing that set me thinking was an interview I heard on the radio with musician Wilko Johnson who had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was embarking on a grand farewell tour. 236 more words

The Staggering Effulgent Effrontery of The Frockless Man.

Today I made the Beatles age of 64, never thought that song may apply to moi! I am posting an old foto of this old fart wherein I still got as much hair as I want and all me tooths, that’s the tooth. 1,373 more words


Thumbs up to Wilko Johnson!

There was great news yesterday that Wilko Johnson, guitarist with Dr Feelgood in their seventies heyday, has had a successful operation to remove a tumour which had previously been thought to make his cancer terminal. 176 more words


Crawley Away.

The conversation at the Crewe game went something like this;

“Fancy going to Crawley? … Tuesday?”

“Maybe … you?”

“Can you get to Rugeley for three ?” 706 more words

Walsall F.C.