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Mo lam and The Buddhist Temples of Isan

The Buddhist temple (or wat) is the major feature of most villages. Isan is known for its culture culture and nature as it is mainly large open spaces with square rice fields and water buffalo which are interspersed with huge mountain ranges… 230 more words


Thai Folk and Pop Music

Thailand is made up of huge rice fields with rice farmers living along rivers and canals. They lead simple lives tilling lands and tending paddy fields that even their form of entertainments also relate to farming. 382 more words


THAI MUSIC: From Folk to Pop

Just imagine a world without music. It will surely be dull and boring. Music plays an important role in the entertainment scene in Thailand same with any place in the world. 329 more words


Evolution of Thai Music

Thais are known to adapt patterns of musical instruments from its neighboring countries and put them to their own uses since the ancient time. In fact, influences from Indian culture are very evident in Thai culture. 330 more words


The mor lam klon

Mor lam originated from the Isan region of Thailand. In traditional Mor lam, there are two styles. On of them is the mor lam klon which focuses on narrative tales. 144 more words

Mor Lam

How Mor lam Performers Are Born

Mor lam means expert song or expert singer. How do these singers become such an expert? Traditionally, young mor lam were taught by established artists, who taught in exchange for money or in kind. 159 more words

Mor Lam

The Different Faces of Mor Lam

Thailand has a rich musical history of instruments and styles. Mor lam is a genre of music that originated in the northeast Thailand region and its neighbor Laos. 497 more words