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2015 Dodge Viper Will Get Horsepower Bump To 645-HP by Auto Blog Via

It’;s being reported that the 2015 Dodge Viper is getting a small horsepower bump to 645 horsepower. Unfortunately that means that the 2015 Viper will not be as powerful as the Challenger SRT Hellcat. 32 more words

An Austrian Village Will Get 7 Fancy Bus Stops by Marriageous

An Austrian Village Will get seven Fancy Bus Stops
Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Sustainability

The village of Krumbach, Austria, boasts anything that no other city in the planet has: bus stops—seven of them—designed by an international record of architects. 21 more words

Love that lasts . . .

“Come, let us return to the Lord.
He has torn us to pieces; now he will heal us,” Hosea 6:1 NLT

When I realized that I would not be going to Uganda this summer, I felt my heart and my hopes being torn to shreds. 567 more words


What's in a will?

KIMT News 3 – Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman left no money to his children in his will. He claimed that was so they did not become trust fund children. 186 more words

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Magik: A Primer

Magik is the practice of perfecting one’s connection to the divine. Once that connection is made we become an active member of the Godhead with the power and the right to affect it as we see fit. 187 more words



This is not a linear narrative.  It also is, despite its truth, incomplete.  Even incomplete in all the sexy details.  So much is unwritten.   I find myself wanting to detail some of those left behind moments.   346 more words


An Analysis of De Beauvoir's Notion of Ethical Freedom

             In “Ethics of Ambiguity,” Simone De Beauvoir extends on Sartre’s ideas from “Being and Nothingness” and the existentialist notion of freedom to outline an ethical system for all. 2,670 more words