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The Court of Public Opinion

The Court of Public Opinion

Pubic opinion is a funny thing. When you have celebrity, public opinion can make or break you. It can paint you as the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it can also demonize you beyond repair, and nothing about public opinion approaches the truth. 885 more words


Weineck’s 12.9L, 780cui. V8 Cobra Will Do -187mph In 10 Seconds (forty HQ Photos) by Auto Blog Via

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Weineck’s twelve.9L, 780cui. V8 Cobra will do -187mph in ten seconds (40 HQ Photos)
Writer: Rick | August 28, 2014 | In: -Dream Automobile, High-Res… 46 more words

More power than will

“We have more power than will; and it is often by way of excuse to ourselves that we fancy things are impossible.” – Francois VI, Duc De la Rochefoucauld… 368 more words

A simple thank you will do

A simple thank you will do

London, 17 January 2014 – As the 20th January – the most depressing day of the year – draws in, Monster.co.uk releases new research revealing that sometimes it’s the simple things that can make us happy. 557 more words

Grouping consecutive hashes from an array by property

I want to be able to find groups of n x consecutive appointments from an array of appointments.

my data looks like this:

  [{:event_id=>295, :appointment=>false, :accounted=>false},
   {:event_id=>296, :appointment=>false, :accounted=>false},
   {:event_id=>297, :appointment=>false, :accounted=>false},
   {:event_id=>311, :appointment=>false, :accounted=>false},
   {:event_id=>312, :appointment=>false, :accounted=>false},
   {:event_id=>313, :appointment=>false, :accounted=>false},
   {:event_id=>314, :appointment=>396, :accounted=>false},
   {:event_id=>315, :appointment=>397, :accounted=>false},
   {:event_id=>316, :appointment=>398, :accounted=>false},
   {:event_id=>317, :appointment=>false, :accounted=>false},
   {:event_id=>318, :appointment=>399, :accounted=>false},
   {:event_id=>319, :appointment=>false, :accounted=>false},
   {:event_id=>320, :appointment=>400, :accounted=>false},
   {:event_id=>321, :appointment=>401, :accounted=>false}]>
… 41 more words

Ivory Towers

In my ivory towers guilt flees like the wind.
Why would it be troubled enough to stay here?
Everything bought and paid for with my will, practice and desire. 118 more words

Poetry Is Gay


This is part two of two discussions about California trustee investment and management responsibilities. This is a complicated topic. Each situation needs to be evaluated on its own. 382 more words