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A time to remember

Our dog Chelsea embarked on her final journey this past Saturday. While it was very sad for us all to part after so much time together, we were ready for her not to have to endure the painful trials and tribulations of being a 15-year-old… 1,038 more words

If i should die

here’s some things, you know, if shit goes bad. i’m guessing it’s not going to be old-age.. heh.

I wish to have DNR if the chance for recovery is low and artificial means serve only to prolong a vegetative state. 313 more words

Thoughts at the Water's Edge

So many times when I write it is not at a desk but rather in front of a body of water. Nature can be the best study, den, office, or studio. 236 more words

Family Mediation is not just for divorcing or separating couples

An article in a The Sunday Telegraph today highlights the problems left behind for the survivor of an unmarried couple. Mediation can help when the estate and the survivor can’t sort out who should have what, especially when no will is around to guide them. 161 more words


Not maybe,
it will.
This is what gets me through
my dreary days of hollowness.

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