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04172014   Watercolor and Ink with Hank

I began a project dialing random telephone numbers beginning with area code 512. I asked whomever answered the phone to describe either their best anecdote, a life-changing decision, a childhood memory or simply speak to me about what they were doing at the time.   169 more words


Nymphomaniac Volumes I & II (2014) ★★★★

Directed by Lars von Trier

Danish provocateur Lars von Trier returns with a vengeance with Nymphomaniac, his first film since he was controversially declared persona non grata… 947 more words

In Cinemas

Line(s) of the Day #MississippiBurning

Agent Ward: Some things are worth dying for. 
Agent Anderson: Down here, things are different; here, they believe that some things are worth killing for.  10 more words

Alex Raphael

Finding Nemo

Opening lines: Wow. (Marlin)
Mmm. (Coral)
Wow. (Marlin)
Mm-hmm. (Coral)
Wow. (Marlin)
Yes, Marlin. No, I see it, it’s beautiful. (Coral)
So, Coral, when you said you wanted an ocean view, you didn’t think you were going to get the whole ocean, did you? 823 more words


Boondock Saints and Angels of Death

Over the years I’d had The Boondock Saints recommended to me, but since vigilante movies aren’t my cup of tea, I avoided it. Yet last night, wanting to kill some time, I decided to watch it because none other than Norman Reedus– who later would be anointed with… 378 more words

TV & Film (non-documentary)

My American Jesus Madness Bracket

I’ve decided to participate in the American Jesus Madness bracket this year! Here is my bracket, which I downloaded from the American Jesus site and filled out using… 892 more words


Grand Budapest Hotel: should Anderson go back to basics?

Is it possible for Wes Anderson to get more Wes Anderson-y? His latest film suggests there’s little direction to go in terms of packing one film with Wes Andersonisms. 545 more words