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Photographic dreams

Review of William Eggleston´s work. Particularly the book: William Eggleston’s Guide. Second edition 2002 The Museum of Modern Art, New York by John Szarkowski and William Eggleston. 533 more words

William Eggleston in the Real World

While researching Eggleston, I came across another documentary about him which takes the viewer into the daily life of this man. We accompany him and his son on various photo shoots, observe him working and interacting with his family. 228 more words

Research And Reflection

William Eggleston, Photographer

An interesting short documentary in English (first half) and German (second half) on William Eggleston, a pioneer in colour photography. He describes his photographs as being about ‘life today’.  240 more words

Research And Reflection

Sources of Inspiration: My Favourite Film Photographers

I’m past the halfway point of my Foray Into Film project and thought that I’d use this post to share with you my influences for picking up a film camera – photographers who utilised the medium and whose work I find particularly inspiring. 512 more words


Shawn Mortensen | Photographer

This is a really important interview for me. Not only was Shawn one of my first interviews for Status Magazine, but his was one that changed the way I thought as a writer/artist. 2,374 more words

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