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EXPO : William EGGLESTON Fondation HCB - Paris

William EGGLESTON :Du Noir et Blanc à la Couleur


Exposition W. Eggleston (Paris)

Exposition W. EGGLESTON

A la fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson… 101 more words


Assignment 1: Research

My inspiration for the Assignment 1 has come from a number of research materials that have proved useful in deciding the levels of contrast in my photographs and how they will eventually be displayed. 216 more words

Developing And Understanding Photographic Practice

Assignment 1: First set of Photographs

Since my previous post, the foundations of my Assignment 1 have completely changed. It became obvious after a meeting with Matt that my initial ideas of British stereotypes or Scars were not panning out, so i’ve decided to save Scars for a future project, whether it be for educational purposes or a personal project. 232 more words

Developing And Understanding Photographic Practice

I n t o P a r i s

Bonjour! – I shall say this time ;)

I am travelling to Paris and I have never been before. Excited? The word doesn’t express or mirrors the feeling exactly, but anyone who travels to somewhere else other than where they live(although London for me is still so exciting but when you live somewhere you take your time with using it’s space to travel around, you know what I mean) ¬†kind of gets the same feelings, just differently. 390 more words


Assignment 3

The brief:

Take about four photographs each (16 altogether) that illustrate the following colour relationships:

  • colour harmony through complementary colours
  • colour harmony through similar colours…
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Stephen Shore

Assignment 3 - Planning

I have to admit that I have found finding preparing for this assignment more onerous than the previous ones. I think it has to due with the fact that colour seems so deceptively simple, yet it is actually quite complex. 595 more words


Edward Hopper & Photography: Whitney Museum of American Art

Imagine a city filled with overwhelming stillness, where lone figures wait ambiguously in deserted diners
, streets are lifeless and not a word is exchanged. This is no thriller but rather, how American realist Edward Hopper chose to capture the New York City of the 20th century – images at odds with the bustle and speed of his time, yet perhaps perfectly in tune with its underlying psychological resonance. 688 more words