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On August 6 Lucille Ball was born ...

On August 6, 1911, Lucille Ball was born.

” Lucille Ball — whose career in front of the camera spanned five decades — served as a pioneer for female comedians, as well as for the television industry itself. 248 more words


Happy Birthday Vivian Vance

Today is the 105th birthday of Vivian Vance.

NAME: Vivian Vance
OCCUPATION: Television Actress, Film Actor/Film Actress
BIRTH DATE: July 26, 1909… 687 more words

On July 26 Vivian Vance was born ...

On July 26, 1909, Vivian Vance was born. Besides having an extensive background in theater, including stints on Broadway, Vance is best known for playing the role of Ethel Mertz in the sitcom… 869 more words

Random Pop Culture

Kill the Umpire (1950)

It’s the annual All Star break where the American League faces off against the National League for the home field advantage in the World Series of baseball. 490 more words

Daily Take

7 Weeks of Weird #2: Weird Things About Me You May Not Know

This is for week two of Mental Mama’s challenge. This week we’re supposed to talk about the weirdest thing that others might not know about us and I had a hard time because I’m pretty open in my weirdness. 394 more words

Rose Meets World

Red Light (1949)

In the same year that Virginia Mayo co starred opposite James Cagney in White Heat she also starred opposite another of the famed on screen gangster stars of the thirties and forties in this Noir thriller that has it’s moments. 448 more words

Daily Take

Shattered Dreams: Onscreen Couple Edition

I’ll be the first to admit it – I often forget that the characters I see in the TV and movie screens are not real. My Tumblr is even titled “Reality has no place in our world” (shameless plug) because the line between fiction and non is… well, sometimes non-existent. 966 more words