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Random Images!

This is a fun website to play with and so I thought I’d share some images. Obviously the red circles / lines / texts are from my own fantastic MS Paint artistry. 13 more words

William Gaddis

I'm Sorry, Wyatt.

A bit of a warning. I intend to have some fun with this post.

So, this will likely be the last post to deal exclusively with… 1,729 more words

American Literature

Wyatt, Genealogy, History

In our most recent meeting with our advisor, I invoked Foucault’s essay “Nietzsche, Genealogy, History” as a way to think through both Wyatt and Stanley’s complicated engagement with the past. 742 more words

American Literature

-Money gives significance to anything.
-Yes. People believe that, don’t they. People believe that.

from the Recognitions by William Gaddis


In re-reading Jarret’s post from last week, I am absolutely fascinated by Otto. He is, much like his play The Vanity of Time, a collection of gestures all trying to fire at once as a unified work. 781 more words

American Literature

Dear Bob...

So, this week I’ll be thinking through Bob’s post from last week. In doing so, I think it would be fair to point out the differences of our style: I tend to me more casual, Bob is often more rigorous. 1,105 more words

American Literature

A Recognition of Reality

“When I saw it (Night Fishing at Antibes), it was one of those moments of reality, near-recognition of reality. I’d been…I’ve been worn out by this piece of work, and when I finished it I was free, free all of a sudden out in the world. 193 more words