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no matter how mad they make you

“—Never interrupt people when they’re telling you more than they know they are, no matter how mad they make you.”

— William Gaddis, The Recognitions


every work of art is a work of perfect necessity

“It’s a question of … it’s being surrounded by people who don’t have any sense of … no sense that what they’re doing means anything. Don’t you understand that? 52 more words


"Authenticity's Wiped Out" -- A Passage from William Gaddis's Last Novel, Agapē Agape

William Gaddis’s last novel Agapē Agape is a bitter, funny rant, a monologic stream-of-consciousness that, through its extreme powers of synthesis, spills over into heteroglossic eruptions, a carnival of erudite voices. 442 more words


Abandonment Issues: John Irving, The Fourth Hand

The Japan chapter, where everything goes wrong and Patrick misunderstands the English that Japanese people speak, is what did me in. I didn’t like it in  263 more words


You will end only to begin again

“A few critics confessed they could not reach the novel’s conclusion except by skipping. Well, how many have actually arrived at the last page of Proust or completed Finnegans Wake? 46 more words


William Gaddis

What can you say about The Recognitions that hasn’t already been said? It’s easy for me to look back from sixty years into the future and act indignant toward all the critics who scorned it without reading. 622 more words


I mean … you know

“—Well, I mean in a way he’s always talking about himself, but he, you know, for instance when he said, But aren’t we all trying to see in the dark? 8 more words