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The Inhumanity Museum

Near the end of the first cycle-section of Doris Lessing’s novel The Golden Notebook, protagonist Anna Wulf abandons the pretense of personal narrative in favor of pastiche, collage, … 1,915 more words


The headless corpse. Love kills penguin. Pig got rheumatism. Nagged Bible reader slays wife. (William Gaddis)

After the injection, he picked up his newspaper. The Sunday edition, still in the rack beside him, required fifty acres of timber for its “magic transformation of nature into progress, benefits of modern strides in transportation, communication, and freedom of the press: public information.

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B Week 5: Elevators

I used to joke that in Los Angeles the only place you really had to be in close proximity to strangers, to the public, was in an elevator, and the buildings weren’t that tall so you didn’t have to be with them for that long. 1,139 more words
The Long Read Project

Dogma, Style and Doing What Comes Naturally

In the not too distant past I went through a stage where every portrait I shot had to have a part of the face cropped from the frame. 293 more words