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Lord of The Flies Review, Cardiff

Lord of the Flies *****
New Adventures
Wales Millennium Centre
22nd – 25th October, 2014
Adapted and directed by Matthew Bourne and Scott Ambler

Stark in its embodiment of the incivility of human nature, Lord of the Flies backs reality as we know it into a corner and strips away the every-day masks we wear – humour, chivalry, friendship, niceness – these staples of character are pulled away, layer by layer, scene by scene, until what is left is a chaotic dystopia, fuelled by fear and a desire for power. 533 more words


Talk Like an Egyptian, Please : William Golding - "The Scorpion God"

If Philip K. Dick’s “Dr. Futurity” is about an alien land where incestuous eugenics are the norm and an intrusive white man will change everything – so is William Golding’s novella, “The Scorpion God.” 419 more words


Lord of the Flies: Golding's Obsession with Pink

Name: Lord of the Flies

Author: William Golding

Series: n/a

Released: August 2011

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Format: Paperback

Pages: 225

Source: Borrowed

Lord of the Flies: Golding’s Obsession with Pink… 855 more words

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8 reasons Salisbury is the best city to visit in the UK

When you think about the great cities across the country, it is always the big ones that spring to mind.

While the streets of London may be paved with gold and Liverpool may have been European Capital of Culture, there is one UK city that has overtaken them all to be in the… 725 more words


Stanford Prison Experiment

Using the course module’s page 37, “The Stanford Prison Study Student Video Guide,” as a way to sculpt this blog assignment, I’ll answer what I’ve learned  from the roles in the Stanford Prison study. 530 more words

Lord of The Flies - William Golding

“The Lord of the Flies” is a book everyone has to read in their lifetime, it is a thrilling yet horrifying adventure which captures the minds of its readers and makes us wonder how thin the line between good and evil really is. 458 more words

Book Quotes: Lord of the Flies

This book had been a great ride. I read it twice and enjoyed it both times. This is the last post and it has a bonus quote. :)

Bonus quote