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BES Tropical Ecology Meeting

The 7th Early Career Research meeting 2014

The University of York, August 14th and 15th 2014

Tropical ecosystems – from process to policy

Keynote speakers: 256 more words

William Gosling

Tropical pollen database online

To facilitate the our ability to identify pollen in the fossil record we have been building a searchable digital tropical pollen database. Our work builds upon the architecture provided by Bush & Weng (2007) for their  207 more words

William Gosling

Problem solving in the Anthropocene

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Barnosky, A.D. & Hadly, E.A. (2014) Problem solving in the Anthropocene. The Anthropocene Review, 1, 76-77.

The short communication by Barnosky & Hadly examines the current fundamental environmental ‘problem’ for human populations  through the lens of the “Anthropocene” concept, i.e. 548 more words

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The Anthropocene Review - reviewed

The Anthropocene Review is a new journal focusing on the impact of humans on planet Earth through time; information on the latest publications can be found on the associated… 126 more words

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Blog evolution

Over the next few months the “Palaeolimnology et al.” blog will be changing. The first noticeable change will be the title of the blog to… 395 more words

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PCRG February

February was an exciting month for me principally because of the finalization of my move to the University of Amsterdam (UvA) where I will become head of… 414 more words

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