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Top 100 Doctor Who stories - Part 01

So, a countdown of my top 100 Doctor Who stories (as of 2014). I’ve used DWM’s process of story numbering (controvesial with some but I like it). 807 more words

Galaxy 4, “Airlock”

The Doctor and Vicki escape the Rill, pursued by two Chumblies. After being cornered, he decides to change the gas converter in the Rill ship, assuming the Chumblies need the ammonia gas it produces for some reason. 341 more words

First Doctor

Galaxy 4, “Trap of Steel”

The Doctor and Steven want to hurry back to Vicki and the Drahvin ship. The Chumblies try to blow up the TARDIS with heavy explosives, which doesn’t work. 379 more words

First Doctor

Galaxy 4, “Four Hundred Dawns”

The TARDIS arrives on the planet that seems eerily still yet capable of supporting life, and find a strange little round robot feeling around the TARDIS. 396 more words

First Doctor

Episode 0: 'An Unearthly Child: Unaired Pilot' or "Doctor Who is a Bastard"

You know Doctor Who is something special when it has an unaired pilot! See, “pilots” unaired or otherwise weren’t common practise in Britian at the time. 2,462 more words


Verity was Here

A plaque honouring the first producer of Doctor Who, Verity Lambert, has been unveiled at London’s Riverside studios, by the Doctor Who Appreciation Society

The plaque, which marks the achievements of Lambert as a Film and Television producer, will be on display at Riverside Studios until the venue closes for development in the autumn, when it will be placed into storage and then permanently mounted at the new Riverside media centre when completed. 233 more words

New Doctor Who is older, trickier, fiercer (and fun)

Once a rather obscure British science fiction show in the United States screened late at night on public tv stations, Doctor Who has become a cult phenomenon (again). 858 more words

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