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Doctor Who, 'Into the Dalek' and 'Robot of Sherwood' - You might also enjoy ...

While I may have fallen a little behind in my on-going project to link the current series of ‘Doctor Who’  to selected adventures from the Classic series in the hop of enticing one or two newcomers into the Classic fold, I have by no means given up and, in the interests of catching up, this second instalment is a two in one… 1,981 more words


Doctor Wh-aaargh!


So this is what my name looks like in Russian:

Thanks to editor Stephen Jones, who recently gave me a copy of his 1997 anthology… 58 more words


Doctor...who? - an insight into Peter Capaldi's Doctor

When it was announced by the BBC that Peter Capaldi of Thick Of It and, the BBC’s critically acclaimed historic series, The Musketeers fame had been chosen to take on the mantle of the enigmatic, last time-lord of… 583 more words


100 Word Doctor Who Review: The First Doctor

William Hartnell, the First Doctor, had the unenviable role of being the Doctor before anyone knew who the Doctor was. Throughout his run most of the tropes we associate with the show were not in place like having two hearts, Gallifrey, or even being called a Time Lord. 61 more words


50 Years Ago....

It was fifty years ago today, on Saturday 12 September 1964, that first season of Doctor Who came to a close with the final episode of The Reign of Terror – Prisoners of Conciergerie. 1,336 more words

Will Any Gentleman...? DVD Review

Will Any Gentleman…? is a 1953 comedy film starring George Cole (him from 80s/90s series Minder) and featuring former (although not at the time) Doctor Who actors William Hartnell and Jon Pertwee. 329 more words

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