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The Dalek's Master Plan, “The Traitors”

Kirksen wants to be taken to the nearest planet, Kembel, despite the warnings from the group that the Daleks have populated it, and he still has Katarina at knifepoint. 622 more words

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William Russell as Ian Chesterton (Doctor Who)

Recently, I’ve been listening to (and blogging about) various Big Finish Doctor Who audios.  A big reason I got into these was because of a title called… 976 more words

Doctor Who

Nerds, nerdists, be advised: Doctor Who is back to scratch your itch (with video)

Doctor Who

Aug. 23, Space

Deft, occasionally dazzling, light of heart and lively in spirit, Doctor Who continues to be one of the small screen’s strangest anomalies. 645 more words


The Dalek's Master Plan, “Devil's Planet”

The Doctor is able to arrive in the nick of time with the taranium for the Dalek’s Time Destructor. The Daleks, afraid of losing the taranium, use a device called a randomiser and a pursuit team to track Chen’s ship. 407 more words

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Doctor Who: To Kill or Not To Kill

Weighing in at an impressive 800 episodes, Doctor Who has been entertaining audiences for the past 50 years. Yet, despite this vast backlog of content, I know next to nothing about the actual series. 1,040 more words


Top 3 Debut Stories

Deep Breath everyone! We’re about to/have had/are having (delete as appropriate for the time you actually read this) a newy new debut episode for a Doctor (Doctor Who) (Twelvey) (P-Cap). 347 more words

Doctor Who

The Dalek's Master Plan, “Day of Armageddon”

The Doctor listens to the Daleks guarding the TARDIS talk about “Operation: Inferno,” then escapes back into the jungle. Mavic Chen met with an alien named Zephon, revealing the ambitions of ruling beyond the Solar System that led him to siding with the Daleks, the Daleks note they plan on disposing of him after he’s served his purpose. 477 more words

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