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A Pair of Unearthly Wanderers

An Unearthly Child
Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate: 23 November 1963

The first Doctor Who serial is composed of four episodes and while they are ostensibly part of a whole, it is instructive (and hopefully not wholly troublesome) to detach the first episode from the latter three. 1,008 more words

Doctor Who

The Tenth Planet, Part 4

(This episode only exists as a reconstruction, but I’m taking my screencaps from the recently released animated reconstruction of Part Four).  This is one of those episodes where I skip the summary, and tell you all you need to watch this episode to believe it.  268 more words

First Doctor

Heroes of Cult: William Hartnell

A true hero of cult; best known for being the original Doctor. It may have turned out very different, for the boy known as Billy, if it hadn’t been for a chance meeting at the age of fourteen. 562 more words


The Tenth Planet, Part 3

The Doctor collapses, weakened possibly by Mondas’ influence.  This gives General Cutler free reign to prepare a bold plan to rescue his spacefaring son from the incoming Cybermen invasion.  341 more words

First Doctor

The Hartnell Years

I am such a huge fan of Babelcolour’s videos and would like to see whoever is making these amazing videos, to do 69 more words


Doctor Who: The Administrator's Web of Schemes

Weighing in at an impressive 800 episodes, Doctor Who has been entertaining audiences for the past 50 years. Yet, despite this vast backlog of content, I know next to nothing about the actual series. 1,445 more words