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For Max & Haydn...

Have you ever wondered what the Earth sounds like as it travels through space? Well then today’s your lucky day. Even though space is a vacuum, planets have a changing magnetic field that vibrates, which is the sound you hear when listened too through a specially designed instrument called, “Waves on the Wind Spacecraft (*1),” which converts radio wave energy into sound waves. 347 more words

Kris Baker

William Herschel, From Oboe Player to Astronomer Royal

Samuel Smiles, the Victorian-era self-help guru, wrote in his book Self Help about how the great astronomer William Herschel achieved what he did:

The life of Sir William Herschel affords another remarkable illustration of the force of perseverance in another branch of science.

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Top 10 Amazing Moons

Our solar system has over 200 moons orbiting planets, dwarf planets and asteroids. Of the moons our solar system supports, there are many that have amazing features. 1,189 more words


Is There Room for Uranus in a Lovecraftian Solar System?

A view of the planet Uranus from the Hubble Telescope.  The white dot is its moon Ariel; the black dot is the moon’s shadow on the planet (solarsystem.nasa.gov). 489 more words