10 Mysterious Anomalies

Science continues to give us a deeper and more convincing knowledge of the universe we live in. But we still only partially understand the mysterious world we inhabit, and many mysteries remain unsolved. 1,426 more words

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Creamer, Please. No Sugar

I had an idea the other day, and acted on it! I sort of made a “coffee run,” if you will . . .

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Letter upon Death of William McKinley

Mr. Cornwall’s note: Justice Minotaur has required that Mr. Cornwall publish the following letter on this site. Minotaur says the letter is an original that has been in his family’s possession since the time it was received. 366 more words

Robert Todd Lincoln, eldest son of President and Mrs. Abraham Lincoln, felt cursed. One of his brothers, Edward, died as a boy in Springfield, Illinois long before their father became president. 1,770 more words

James A. Garfield

44 Curious Facts About US Presidents

There have been 43 presidents (with one serving a second term after a lost term) of the United States. Some have been memorable, others forgettable (See the Simpsons’ song about mediocre presidents). 1,470 more words

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What you may not know about the U.S. Secret Service

Most people know that the Secret Service protects the President of the United States and other politicians.

But the original purpose of the Secret Service was the suppression of… 459 more words