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A Convergence of Three Thoughts

This convergence cannot be good.

  • The century old magazine “The New Republic” has essentially disappeared.  Some might argue that it had been abandoned by its readers. 
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Don Shaughnessy

Lie v. Lay - Stuff You Should Know Great Train Robbery Podcast

This was one that always confused me. I knew of course the lie – lay distinction, but, despite that distinction, the expression I had always heard was to lay low (which of course should be to lie low). 449 more words

Stuff You Should Know

Grammar Gripes: Could Care Less

I don’t know why this is a problem. Can someone explain to me why anyone would ever say “Could care less”? I really don’t understand where this phrase originated, since we have the perfectly clear, sensical, and logical “Couldn’t care less” to do the exact same job. 522 more words

Cute Cats

Since When Did "Impact" Take A Direct Object?

At the risk of coming off as that Grumpy Guy, Andy Rooney, William Safire (I’m already dating myself), or, even worse, one of those crotchety gray beards I am always complaining about, I am going to complain. 803 more words