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What is The Reverie? To answer that, let’s go back to 1980 — the year the word “gridlock”entered American vernacular. Samuel Schwartz was chief engineer of traffic operations during 1970s. 481 more words

The Reverie

A Convergence of Three Thoughts

This convergence cannot be good.

  • The century old magazine “The New Republic” has essentially disappeared.  Some might argue that it had been abandoned by its readers. 
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Don Shaughnessy

Lie v. Lay - Stuff You Should Know Great Train Robbery Podcast

This was one that always confused me. I knew of course the lie – lay distinction, but, despite that distinction, the expression I had always heard was to lay low (which of course should be to lie low). 449 more words

Stuff You Should Know

Grammar Gripes: Could Care Less

I don’t know why this is a problem. Can someone explain to me why anyone would ever say “Could care less”? I really don’t understand where this phrase originated, since we have the perfectly clear, sensical, and logical “Couldn’t care less” to do the exact same job. 522 more words

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