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Dan and Hannah are going to Phoenix for the weekend!

The post card arrives innocently enough Monday morning. The Happy Holidays message is bracketed by an airplane and Christmas palms. Beneath, it says SOUTHWEST “Getaway” – Air & Hotel Stay.  1,230 more words

Life In Maine

Stewart Granger Wrap-Up

I would imagine that seeing Stewart Granger in The Wild Geese at the inception of the VHS era might be the first time I recall hearing my Mother pointing him out to me and telling me of his many adventurous roles in the 1950’s. 349 more words

Daily Take

Free movies on YouTube- 'The Intruder'

Roger Corman has had a very successful career making terrible, terrible movies. Cheap, exploitative shlock like ‘Attack of the Crab Monsters’ and ‘Dinocroc vs Supergator’ that made a quick buck but no-one really remembers. 240 more words

Free Movies On YouTube

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New trending GIF tagged fish, william shatner, fish tank, fishtank, loaded weapon via http://ift.tt/1yEJNhW

Devotion: Saying Yes (& why I love Waypoint "staff lunches")

I wish the folks of Waypoint could observe Brad and my weekly lunch…well maybe not. Because then you will have to try and understand how Christmas, improv and what William Shatner being grabbed in the testicles by a Gorilla all have to do with each other. 457 more words


Star Collector

Think I’ll let her keep on going
Where ever it is, she’s goin’, too.
Give her my autograph and tell her
It’s been nice knowin’ you. 885 more words