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Naomi Shihab Nye: On Inspiration

“I can never imagine how someone would fall in love with poetry and stop reading poems. But I think that people often talk themselves out of responding…” 11 more words

Opinion Leaders

"Live by the light you find..."


When you wake to the dream of now
from night and its other dream,
you carry day out of the dark… 66 more words


Meanwhile at Grandmother's House...

The little girl in the red cloak set the basket on the hall table. The cottage appeared to be empty but the little girl guessed her grandmother was taking a nap. 573 more words

William Stafford

Pig Three

Pig Three was fed up. His siblings had outstayed their welcome and were eating him out of house and home. To put it bluntly: they were pigs. 401 more words

William Stafford

What scares you?

Not BOOGA-BOOGA pants-crapping scared, where your skin crinkles up and makes little screeching noises with sparklers on the ends.  More like what are you AFRAID of … that fundamental sense of dread that a cog will drop into a random sprocket somewhere and life will change.   262 more words


The Bargain

The Queen slipped from the Royal bedchamber and padded down the servants’ staircase. She went deep into the bowels of the castle, deeper even than the dungeons. 524 more words

William Stafford

Present Moment

I wanted to share a poem I came across today in an old journal of mine:

Your Reading this, Be Ready

Starting here, what do you want to remember?

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