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Both God and the Devil dwell in the details — living in sin, you might say — the sin of what we do with the wonder glancing everywhere off all things, the way we turn sunlight into melancholy and eat summer whole only to be swallowed by a song bluer than bluer than blue — mood: indigo –. 194 more words


The Korkenzieher Pass

The diligence had broken down coming through the Korkenzieher Pass.  One of the wheels had come clean off and bounced away, dropping over the precipice and smashing to smithereens and splinters hundreds of feet below.  815 more words

William Stafford

Out for the Count

I was quite the pretty thing when I was young; you may find that difficult to credit, seeing me now – but when I was a mere slip of eighteen and made my debut in society, the young men were falling over each other to pay court to me and win my affection, as though I was some prize in a sporting competition. 1,218 more words

William Stafford

The Golden Egg

The ayah hurried through the marketplace. She had only minutes to find what she wanted but every stallholder she approached gave her the same denial. Some were more apologetic than others. 608 more words

William Stafford

At a Slug’s Pace – One Writer’s Beginnings by Martha Silano

I remember watching this video of Robert Bly when I was in my early twenties. He was asking the audience, “So, you want to be a poet? 764 more words

North American Review

Remembering Those We Forget, by Paul J. Willis

I began the poem “Salvatore” in a California ranger station at the suggestion of Paulann Petersen, the former poet laureate of Oregon. I had invited her down to Santa Barbara to lead a couple of writing workshops, to give a reading, and to participate in a memorial observance of the poet William Stafford. 454 more words

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Holding the thread

Dear loved ones

I trust you all had a restful Sunday with some moments of peace and retreat. My moment was sitting on a white soft sandy palm-fringed beach at sunset, watching the red ball descend into the sea and wonder where the people on the other side of the world where bidding it welcome. 338 more words