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Ginger Bred

There once was a couple who lived in a cottage in the woods.   They longed to have a child but were unable, and so they consulted the local wisewoman who lived in a hole in the old oak tree. 496 more words

William Stafford

MMM*: Follow the thread

Lately, when people ask me what I’m doing, the most honest reply (manifest in my daily writing, prayer, meditation, contemplation & conversations) would be to say I am following my thread. 243 more words


Meanwhile at the pond...

“Here she comes, lads!” Grandfather Frog splashed the alarm. “Take cover!”

The younger frogs – some of them barely more than pollywogs – dived for safety. 629 more words

William Stafford

on poetry

“Readers should not be loaded with more information and guidance than a lively mind needs — puzzlement can be accepted, but insulting clarity is fatal to a poem.” 44 more words



I imagine that the young men
I went to school with have retired
by now, given up their desks
for free-wheeling possibilities

to coast downhill grades, collecting… 161 more words


The Princess in the Tower

The Princess languished in the tower year after lonely year. She had almost given up peering through its only window to see the clouds pass by, just as life was passing her by, and the birds making nests in the treetops below, just as she would never have a family or home of her own. 668 more words

William Stafford


“Will you ever bring a better gift for the world than the breathing respect that you carry wherever you go right now?”

– William Stafford