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Scotland's Still In

The people of Scotland voted yesterday, pretty resoundingly, to remain in the United Kingdom. Considering the turmoil and violence of the past, this was a very civilized historic event. 287 more words

British Isles

There are many outside the United Kingdom who woke up, or came to, this morning wondering what happened in the Scottish independence referendum. Those that woke up wanted to know the outcome, and those that came to knew the result and questioned why it failed. 569 more words

Random Thoughts

Scotland the 'fraid

Stockholm Syndrome at its worst. A spouse who is afraid of the consequences of leaving their abusive and neglectful spouse.

That is something we have just witnessed and William Wallace would be disappointed with all the Scots that voted no. 636 more words

The Issue Is...

Rejecting Independence

The United Kingdom will remain united. Yesterday, Scotland voted to reject independence and maintain its union with Great Britain, maintaining a united kingdom which had been established for 300 years. 615 more words

Scottish Independence: Buzz off William Wallace! We have... Cameron! Huh?!? [or "Why money cannot be the reason for independence"]

Scotland has voted against independence. (1)

Welcome to the new age of Money.

Where countries decide on their independence based on their economic prospects. 132 more words


'If it's not Scottish, it's Crap: 7 of the Greatest Scottish Characters

Well, after nearly 700 hundred years since (or at least since 1995) William Wallace delivered that famous inspirational speech before leading his army of Scottish soldiers in to battle, it appears as if Scotland may finally be free of being a part of the United Kingdom.  382 more words