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Braveheart: Not Quite What We'd Expect to Hear Before a Battle

Mel Gibson’s William Wallace is famous for giving a stirring speech. Before the battle of Stirling Bridge, he gives this somewhat famous speech in which he tells them that they are fighting for freedom, although he never explains what freedom means, except that it can’t be taken away. 913 more words


Great Britain 2014: Rosslyn Chapel and the Borders

The first bus tour we took from Edinburgh went south to the Borders region of Scotland. This area was hotly contested for centuries before the Union of the Crown as England and Scotland fought to secure territory. 797 more words

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Legalising Marijuana .... no this is actually my question to you....

I am not sure where I sit on this subject.

If I was fighting Stage 4 Lung Cancer¬†and my doctor leaned over and told me that my pain and life would be easier if I went along and used cannabis on a daily basis, I don’t think I would care too much about what the law said. 527 more words

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Extra Care Housing Consultation

Somerset residents are being asked to give their views as the County Council begins to review its Extra Care Housing (ECH) services that provide specialist housing to older people, people with long term care and support needs and people with disabilities. 299 more words

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Braveheart: How to Hate Braveheart A Little Less

I hate Braveheart (1995, dir. Mel Gibson). I make no secret of this fact. I find poorly written, laughably inaccurate, and offensive in a number of ways. 1,654 more words


William Wallace - 5th of August

Today marks the day when the Scottish hero William Wallace was captured by the English and sentenced to death. 

On the 5th of August of the year 1305, Sir William Wallace who led the Scottish resistance against England, was captured by the English, near Glasgow, and transported to London where he was put on trial and executed. 91 more words

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