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Freedom's Sword by J R Tomlin

J R Tomlin’s Freedom’s Sword: A Novel of Scotland (2011) shows an obvious link to the blockbuster movie Braveheart (1995), even down to recycling the title of a non-fiction response to the movie: Peter Traquair’s  145 more words


Scotland {days 26,27,28}

~Day 26~

Today we woke up around 5am to catch the first tube train to get to King’s Cross for our 7am train. It was an excruciatingly early morning, but we were all to excited about going to Scotland to be concerned that much about it. 1,989 more words


Toastmasters Speech #3 - A Wee Drop of Scotland

“They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!”

This quote, fellow Toastmasters, esteemed guests, was uttered by Mel Gibson as he portrayed the infamous Scotsman William Wallace in the movie Braveheart. 1,051 more words


The Murder of Julia Wallace. A real life murder mystery

“The non-pareil of murder mysteries.”
Raymond Chandler





The Julia Wallace murder case has fascinated writers such as Raymond Chandler, Dorothy Sayers and P.D. 2,819 more words


The Braveheart Dilemma: Scottish Nationalism and the Vote for Independence

In 1320, the Declaration of Arbroath, signed by Robert the Bruce and more than fifty noblemen, was sent to Pope John XXII with the intention that he would recognize Scottish independence. 1,331 more words

Personal Reflections

The Forgotten Heroes

Think of all the people that we hear about who are considered heroes:

George Washington,

Christopher Colombus,

William Wallace,

And even in fiction stories there is an abundance, such as Frodo from the Lord of the Rings (or, really, any good guy from the Lord of the Rings). 252 more words


Scotland's Still In

The people of Scotland voted yesterday, pretty resoundingly, to remain in the United Kingdom. Considering the turmoil and violence of the past, this was a very civilized historic event. 287 more words

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