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Como están a la vuelta de la esquina las fiestas navideñas en las que el deporte se toma también su descanso (salvo las tradicionales San Silvestres o los saltos de esquí), parece que el mundo anda ávido de otro tipo de competiciones que llenen el vacío de adrenalina que dejan los enfrentamientos y rivalidades por todo lo alto. 518 more words


Be Proud of Your Heritage!

I think that most white Americans tend to naturally think of an immigrant as someone who either speaks a different language than them or has a different color. 478 more words


How I Dream To Torture The Writer's of Disney's Frozen

“The snow glows white on a mountain-top / Not a foot print to be seen”

The writer of this song buried by an avalanche / That is my fatherhood dream! 813 more words

Saint Andrew's Day

We started Saturday with a bit of a meltdown with Scott again. However, afterwards I took him swimming and he was great. I hadn’t seen him in the water for a while so it was nice to see how well he is progressing. 483 more words

Stirling Castle, featuring a lesson in rugby and several aphorisms

St. Andrew’s Day, celebrating the patron saint of Scotland (the one with the jaunty cross), is for many of us at unis across the country a celebration of the end of our first semester’s classes, and the free museum openings and cultural events from the highlands to the lowlands, from Fraserburgh to the Firth of Forth, make this an excellent opportunity to take a break before papers and exams.   2,061 more words


Old Midmar church and graveyard

The tiny graveyard and church ruin of Old Midmar or Migmar in Aberdeenshire lies below a narrow busy road west of Echt so if you go to take look be careful. 1,110 more words

The Return of the King.

Back from the dead (Unfortunately. EdZilla)

Back fans! Back! (All one of them. EdZilla) You puny Earthlings! You never really thought that you could stop MOI?  908 more words

Adult Humour