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Awesome Review From The Birthday Girl! (The laughs are finally returned!)

This is a post I crafted for a review that gave me many of the joys I’ve been looking for by sharing The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows… 256 more words

Preparing for bland, effect-less Episode 14 Edit...

All right… Must remember… count the scenes. I truly don’t want to make another print out of the dialogue and format this time around. I did it for 11 and 12. 248 more words

The Love, The Gratitude, and The Trust: The Baby is Born...


Yep, lots of characters, birth and all the rest. I keep wondering if I should remove the cigar comment Willie makes here. (Maybe it doesn’t fit?) Anyway, the chapter is done. 398 more words

Episode 14: Lines, Lines, And More Lines:

Hopefully by now everyone has picked up on the admittance of Daryl continuing to pursue this without uploading anymore episodes. If one is an internet spoiled-brat, one may be nervous or upset by this turn of events, but considering all the burden I have struggled under… 902 more words

Listening to demo of Episode 14: Reunion At The Old House

Hee hee hee! Very funny, Sir Simon Milligan. It’s incredible how much growth that comes from him and Manservant Hecubus. I went into this re-hashing original work from… 1,147 more words

I Am Your Host Sir Simon Milligan... (Adding Sound Effects & Music, Ep. 13)

Oh, boy! The fun part of never really knowing how well blended the music and sound effects are. Are they overpowering the dialogue? Any sound effects too loud? 1,150 more words

The baby is on it's way...

This is going to be a two-parter at least. I know everyone has been waiting. Yes, our Margaret Josette Dupres is in labour and everyone is doing their best during the storm. 302 more words