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I Am Your Host Sir Simon Milligan... (Adding Sound Effects & Music, Ep. 13)

Oh, boy! The fun part of never really knowing how well blended the music and sound effects are. Are they overpowering the dialogue? Any sound effects too loud? 1,150 more words

The baby is on it's way...

This is going to be a two-parter at least. I know everyone has been waiting. Yes, our Margaret Josette Dupres is in labour and everyone is doing their best during the storm. 302 more words

One Step at A Time

Phew… I remember this being a pain in the hiney. Having to provide all of the Sir Simon Milligan & Manservant Hecubus’ cheering and applause. It’s so hard to believe how long I’ve been working on this thing and how marginal the (known) enthusiasm¬†for it has been. 1,615 more words

Barnabas Collins: "They want to hear him stop complaining... and *I* am no exception."

If anyone has listened to my intros, they’ve heard that I don’t creep into the minds of these characters slightly, I channel them, get in touch with who they are, how they feel, what they’re motives are, reenact their behaviour, both in voice, but since you haven’t seen me, you likely don’t see the change in how I look when this happens. 2,676 more words

Dark Shadows: The Need For Empathy

I urge caution, ladies and gentlemen. This is a serious topic.

So one night when I was about to relax with my paramour… I found these disturbing posts on tumblr: 1,883 more words

Lack of Communication Creates Surge of Desperation

I began posting at fanfiction.net 14 Feb 2012. My first review ever posted happened on 20 September 2013, nineteen months later. It was mine. I wrote: “test”. 1,651 more words