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October 2014 Workshop Theatre Newsletter!

Our WTS Newsletter October 2014 is available for the masses!

In this issue you will find a preview of our 45th season, a preview of our first show, -“Jack the Ripper, Monster of Whitechapel”, the Pool Party, The Willies, The Calgary ACTS Awards and Paul’s usual jokes and ramblings.  Enjoy!


Spring, willies and feminists

Spring is coming.
A day of giggles and conversations about willies.
Spending the evening with some feminists.

"Killing the Willies"....how to convince your girlfriend to do a gigantic rope swing

Brought to you by The Bivy…this video explores the delicate dance of convincing people to overcome their fears and take a leap of faith. According to this unidentified man the willies are,”microscopic spirits that live in your brain and live off your brain energy” and “once you learn a few tricks you can definitely outwit your willies.”  Remember the willies are a real thing and frankly sometimes they should be listened to but overcoming them can be liberating and empowering…stay safe out there.