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Willingness as a precursor to Courage

In stories, the hero is often portrayed as a figure of courage. It is his/her resistance against himself, nature, or people that makes the story exciting. 120 more words

Elul 18


I’ve been told to pray to know God’s will for me, and for the willingness to do it and nothing else. It’s a tall order. 576 more words



Progress is not defined by mph, fps or psi.

Success is defined by willingness.

Willingness is expressed as action.


Middle aged youngster?

Last night I learned to do squats correctly. I’m glad I’m able and willing to learn. My ego wants my drives to fly farther and my legs to run faster. 147 more words


Thank You is such a small statement, yet can mean so much.


On being Successful

People sometimes ask me about the secret behind my success. Me? Successful? Wow, thank you for your confidence. I bet we all have admirers, people who respect and value what we do, and some people who would like to be like us. 486 more words

Refections: Willingness

The goal of willingness is to feel all of the feelings that come up for you more completely, even – or especially – the bad feelings, so that you can live your life more completely. 524 more words