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Way to the sky

Wisdom is about a willingness to be pinpointed. To be exposed, humbled. To court solitude. To risk.


Thought for Today 1.25.15

Being Real means Knowing our True Self… not just the masks we try on… What mask are you willing to drop today so you can have a life where you allow your Self to be free to know and Love YOU… “The world I see holds nothing I want” ACIM Lesson 128


Becoming A Responsible Christian

Last Sunday we had a guest speaker on our main service. He gave us one of the most compelling message about serving the Lord, a responsibility of every Christian. 969 more words


No SAT again

I scored 1900, last time when I took the SAT. I was advised to take it again, but I refused.

My struggle is not about acing any examinations, or getting admitted to Harvard University, or getting any high-profile job after graduation, or anything like that. 391 more words


Laying hold of God's Willingness

There is one word about prayer that makes the entire experience meaningful. It is the bedrock of what prayer is all about, firmly anchored in the character of God. 567 more words


SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 19: Willingness to Dig Deep

Scratching the surface, you will find I am not a snob, or stuck-up and quietly condescending, like you may think. I am curious and watching. Listening and absorbing. 180 more words