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One Wave in the Sea

I don’t believe in magic.

Nor do I believe in ghosts or zombies or vampires (even the hot, sparkly ones).  I don’t believe in Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster or the Jersey Devil, and if I’m going to be thorough, I suppose I should also mention that I believe in angels and demons as much as I believe in leprechauns and fairies, which is to say not at all. 1,199 more words


1.03: Things Looking Up

Mulan motioned him to follow her.  “Are you hungry?  I actually was able to afford a counter and a stove.”

Camron tilted his head.  “Nice.”  He was feeling a little leery.  1,134 more words

History Theme

1.02: The Woes of a Legacy Founder

Wolf: House?  Mulan, you had $1800.  That’s not a whole lot, especially for you Sims!  Your prices are nuts!  Just be glad you have a bed, a toilet, and a shower. 1,659 more words

History Theme

Episode 76 - The '71 Episode

Ash, Rob and Becky return for a more streamlined episode this week. Becky takes a trip to the London Film Festival, Rob goes down to… 58 more words


1.01: Welcome to Willow Creek

What happens when one is raised by two medieval history fanatics?  A lot of things, really.  Especially when those two fanatics tend to delight in bringing up all the famous warriors-male and female- in their family tree.  2,115 more words

History Theme

31 Days of Horror 2014 - Willow Creek (2013)

I’ve always wanted to believe.

Since I was a young kid back in Grade 2 or Grade 3, I always wanted to believe that it was out there. 372 more words


Willow Creek (expuesto)

El Falso Profesor Pragmático y ecuménico Billy Hybles es el pastor principal de la Iglesia Willow Creek y presidente de la junta de la Asociación de Willow Creek, que fue fundada en 1992 y afirma que tiene más de 90 denominaciones involucrados con ellos. 440 more words

Nueva Era