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The Wedding Day Story! (With Pictures!)

Hello all, and welcome to Even More Photography On The Citadel! This is my newest photography blog (though it looks exactly like the old one), created exclusively (at the moment) for my wedding pictures! 1,295 more words

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Here in New England, the best brand of chicken salad you can buy is called Willow Tree. It’s been here for over 50 years, and people crave it like crack. 297 more words


Willow VI: Father II (Haiku from 11-11-13)

“Willow VI: Father II”
by Ry Hakari

Lightning wind esper
Will-o’-the-wisp’s a live wire
Raising Cain, Hell, tame

“I finally get what you’ve been saying, now that we’re knee deep side by side.

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A little walk (and jump) through the woods

Breezy and I took a little trip to the woods with Wendy and Rain. This was not our usual walk through the woods…

Here’s what Breezy and I usually do: 412 more words


These Two Cents

There are two things about how one sees them self: treatment by others and their decisions thus far.


The Old willow tree

The wind blew throughout the crisp summer air. Birds sang, clouds wafted in the sky, and the forest was bustling with life. Jake was walking home from his afternoon job at a local diner called Big J’s Pancake shack. 1,049 more words

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