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Willow's Wardrobe: Pose and Smile

Hello world, it’s Willow for the next Willow’s Wardrobe!

(Don’t worry, we’ll do some of the other series’ soon!)

I’m here to answer a doll nation-wide problem: modeling! 124 more words

Willow Chapter 3 Meeting

Willow Chapter 3  Meeting


It was so warm and cozy, Page was not sure she wanted to wake up yet.  But the odd beeping noises kept intruding into her pleasant buzz. 2,934 more words


Willow Chapter 2 Betrayed

Willow Chapter 2


Willow awoke abruptly when a man pushed her onto the floor of the green van and twisted her injured left knee.  The pain was like a bolt of lightning surging through her whole left side.  2,930 more words


Dead Dollz Spring/Summer Collectin - Part 3

Rorschach is a gorgeous puffy white mini dress with splashes of bright, bold colours. A bow is in back of the hot pink collar. This is not an every day dress. 122 more words


Tears Without Answer

The tears I shed
Merged with the incessant rain.
So many memories
Lost amongst the world’s own pain.
I stood by our favourite tree
And traced my fingers over gnarled bark. 58 more words


Parasites And Primroses

I’ve got a parasite! Woo-hoo!

Ok this may not be a typical response to getting a parasite, but I promise you this is not looking on the bright side gone mad, nor have I completely taken leave of my senses. 411 more words


Exploring willow

I have been having fun this week using some of the beautiful willow which The Basketry Collective harvested near Newmarket in January.  I am not much of a willow basketmaker so I have kept things simple and let the colours shine!