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Prepping For Winter

30 October 2014   2.30  PM    18 F    Sunny

It’s hard to tell at what point autumn (Fall) becomes winter. I suppose the official designation of the Winter Solstice is as good a point as any. 429 more words


Lady of the Willow Grove

She stood beneath a willow tree

With eyes shut tight

So she could see,

I waited in the Willow grove

To hear what tidings may behove. 123 more words



I grew up reading horror and my favourite author was Stephen King. Some of my favourite stories aren’t even horror in the traditional sense, such as The Body which was turned into the film Stand By Me, The Jaunt which is a terrifying science fiction story and Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption adapted into one of the most uplifting films of all time. 1,393 more words

Short Stories

Episode 1, Strip 7 "Radical Stick Dreamers"

I really like the Buffy-Willow exchange in the beginning here, and this is what this comic’s take on Willow’s awkward dialogue can look like. The last panel went through a lot of changes, but I liked where it ended up.


Within the Wood

this one is brand new straight from my heart.. Ty for the read 🌻</em

Within the forrest
The tree waves her wispy arms
Calling her lovers to join her, 56 more words


New Music: Willow Smith 'Female Energy'

With a 3 song EP on the horizon, Willow has dropped another teaser on her sound cloud page. The freestyle ‘Female Energy’ samples lyrics from ‘The Pressure’ by Jhene Aiko, and true to form Willow has delivered us a hit.   52 more words


Mother Willow

I will be your mother willow,

guiding you along your way,

telling you stories of the ancestors,

taking the form of the crow,

I will be your mother willow, 49 more words