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Free maintenance: What you need to know about this new car freebie

Q: I recently bought a new car from a dealer in Wilmette, and it came with a free maintenance plan. But when I called to schedule my first “free” appointment, I was told that my oil change might not be covered because “it’s too soon.” The car uses synthetic oil and has 5,200 miles on it. 627 more words

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Planning a driving vacation? How to make sure your car is ready for summer travels

Think about your last family vacation. You packed clothes for any weather you might encounter and enough snacks to survive a zombie apocalypse, programmed your GPS and took your dog to the kennel. 484 more words


2013 Shorefront Journal Annual Now Available

There is nothing better than having a printed book in you hand. In our transition from our quarterly printed journal to the on-line journal, we knew that many people would still want a journal they can pick up, flip through, bookmark, share and display in your living room. 121 more words


Should I repair my car or buy a new one?

Question: My car needs a number of repairs (new tires, brakes, timing belt) and I’m not sure it’s worth putting the money into it. It’s got about 110,000 miles on it, and there’s some good looking new cars out there! 336 more words

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The Animal Store Loves Kids, Too

How do you like our new poster? This came to us by way of thank you from the Wilmette Park District Kindergarten Enrichment program, who came to visit The Animal Store not long ago. 27 more words

The Animal Store

New GM recall encompasses 1.5 million vehicles

Following on the heels of recalls in February that totaled 1.6 million vehicles for a faulty ignition switch, GM announced new recalls of 1.5 million more vehicles this week. 240 more words

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Rebuilt parts are a great way to go green and save money

Question: My car needed a new alternator recently, and the service advisor at your auto repair shop suggested installing a remanufactured unit. Will a rebuilt alternator last as long as a new one? 300 more words

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