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Imitating Reality

The Winamp was the first modern computer-based jukebox. It played MP3s and CDs.

A slender, rectangular box, with a row of buttons on it, its faux materiality mimicked the look and functionality of say, a CD player or a cassette deck.  114 more words


Winamp Skin: Enomoto Takane

Ok, since when Ene from Mekakucity Actors or Kagerou Project has that kind of oppai. Not that I’m complaining since I could get a blue themed Winamp skin anayway. 60 more words


Winamp Skin: Hibiki

This is a request from peggi for a Hibiki from Kantai Collection (Kancolle) Winamp skin. I have to say, you have posted a really good picture of Hibiki and I’m quite satisfied of how this skin turns out. 55 more words


Winamp Skin: Neko Girl 6

We are bringing the classic skins from our previous created skin back! This time, I’m using another neko girl as the model for this skin and I’m very satisfied with the result. 66 more words


Winamp Skin: Shameimaru Aya

Shameimaru Aya from Touhou is now featured as a Winamp skin with the round seeker format. Not only that, she is posing in a very seductive position with all that bondages wrapping up her body like that. 46 more words


Winamp Plus OctiMax Is Music To My Ears

I’m not sure how many people will remember this, but back in the early 2000s, there was a plugin for Winamp called OctiMax. I’m not sure what exactly it did, but it made music sound so much better in my headphones. 164 more words

Cool Stuff

Shoutcast relaunches with new hosted streaming service

SHOUTcast was originally created in 1999 by Nullsoftt, which is better known as maker of the pioneering MP3 player software Winamp. Since then, it has been based on servers run by individual webcasters that use Shoutcast’s protocol to distribute their programming to listeners. 96 more words