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Winamp Skin: Shoukaku

We have been putting a lot of Kantai Collection girls skins and I hope you guys are still giddy in anticipating these gorgeous women. Now arriving at our Winamp repository is Shoukaku, another Kancolle girl that is ready to enhance your music listening experience. 44 more words


Winamp Skin: Yuudachi

Yuudachi from Kantai Collection (Kancolle) is now available as a Winamp skin for you to enjoy while listening to your favourite song playlist. She is wearing a very revealing red kimono and she looks so good in this outfit. 43 more words


Documentary on The Rise and Fall of Napster by Alex Winter

I recently watched a documentary on Napster by Alex Winter via Jeff Lee. The documentary covers the rise and fall of the company, but does so by giving a 360 degree view of the time period. 674 more words

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Winamp Skin: Sento Isuzu

I haven’t watched Amagi Brilliant Park yet but it seems people are paying more attention on this certain ojou-sama named Sento Isuzu. Hey, since she is wearing an outfit that resembles a military girl outfit, I’m on board on making a skin out of her. 58 more words


Winamp Skin: Prinz Eugen

Another Kancolle German craft is here to debut in her first ever Winamp skin! Prinz Eugen seems to have gathered a lot of attention and that’s why Randomness Thing is happy to feature her in a Winamp skin. 51 more words


Winamp Skin: Kanzaki Ranko

Still following the crazed opened breast turtleneck is Kanzaki Ranko available as a Winamp skin for you guys to download and use. I think this particularly cute white haired girl is from Idolm@ster. 57 more words


Winamp Skin: Ayanami Rei

I heard opened breast turtleneck is a crazed and trend in Japan so I pick this sexy Ayanami Rei wearing a white turtleneck as a Winamp skin for today. 58 more words