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Beaufort Regional Chamber to host discussion on offshore energy

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WJCL) — The Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce announced this week that it plans to hold a panel discussion regarding a major national issue with very local implications. 304 more words

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Wednesday Piece: Evolve

Did everyone make it through the storm okay?  Of course we did; how?  Because we had to!  Easy answer there.  It sucks now since we’re dealing with five big storms’ worth of snow all at once but, I suppose we will manage…because we have to. 326 more words


More on High-Altitude Wind

I’ve been in touch with the fellow in Italy I mentioned earlier on my piece about high-altitude wind power, in which I expressed concern that the levelized cost of energy for his concept (KiteGen) wouldn’t be competitive with other energy resources.  211 more words

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Take a COOL Guess – the Fun Quiz on Clean Energy.  Today’s Topic: Efficiency in Wind Turbines

Question:  In physics, the Betz Limit is the top theoretic percentage of kinetic energy that can be extracted from a moving fluid, e.g., wind.  It’s based on the fact that, if you took it all, i.e., stopped the wind dead, the oncoming wind behind it would run into what you had just stopped.  96 more words

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HAWP - High-Altitude Wind Power

We don’t hear as much about high-altitude wind as we did a few years ago, though the subject has not completely disappeared.  There is no doubt that the wind resources a thousand feet or so above the Earth’s surface are far superior to those we experience down here, and this can be quite attractive given that the power generated by a moving fluid is proportional to the cube of its velocity.  343 more words

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Ending Ontario’s wind experiment

How do we ensure that when one government abuses its power, we don’t have to live with the consequences for a generation? Through the supremacy of our democratically elected legislative assembly in Ontario. 475 more words

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UK: Not Enough Predictable Power in Wind’s Sails

MetalMiner — January 26, 2015

Here at MetalMiner, we are enthusiastic about renewable energy schemes. It seems like common sense to develop energy sources that are not based on depleting reserves and that are sustainable from an environmental perspective.

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