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BigWind protesters have finally arrived in the USA

It has finally arrived on our shores! BigWind protests have been occurring for YEARS oversees, where wind turbines are more prevalent.  Now that the $ is drying up across the ocean (as electricity rates skyrocket), we are seeing more developers here, after our plentiful taxdollar handouts. 254 more words

Alternative energy myths and delusions--Sierra Rayne hits em as preposterous

Thanks to Sierra for taking on the Stanford Woods claims about wind solar and other alternative energy.

Piles Of Seaweed Stinking Up Texas Beaches

GALVESTON, Tex. (CBS Houston) – Piles of seaweed are stinking up the beaches.

Seaweed specialists are not surprised.

“We could tell that there were going to be issues with it way before it actually happened,” Robert Webster, a doctoral candidate at Texas A & M told… 178 more words



I stepped out of the trolley, cold air and wind greeting me. The night has finally come and the storm is approaching. The station is really spacious and everything seems so big, open boulevard. 756 more words

Writer's Pen

Stop, Hammer Chime!

After a few weeks of job hunting, moving my entire life back to Shrewsbury and collecting more gym badges than I should be given my age (there’s a reason I’m single…) , I’m back with another rant. 410 more words

August 2014 Calendar - Island in the storm

One of my favourite aspects of living lake-side is watching the rain move across the lake. Whether a light shower or raging storm, the sight, sound and smell is amazing. 79 more words


Freezing World

I’m dining with my husband at a long table in a medieval manor.  He’s at one end, and I’m at the other.  Behind my husband, a tall, double-door opens, revealing the white, frosty outdoors, and a wizard walks in with a cold wind at his back.  236 more words