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So you want to be an Olsen Twin?

When I was a young girl, obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashley and Hillary Duff, I wanted to be famous when I grew up. I wanted everyone to know my name, I wanted to be remembered. 111 more words

Window Seat

Summer of the YOLO

Summer 2014 has been the summer of the why not? I’ve made it my priority to be a yes person.¬†

I ask myself, what could possibly go wrong if I say yes to this? 172 more words

Window Seat

Window seat, please. The head in the clouds

Loved experiencing this spectacular sunset on the way back home from London yesterday ! Yes, I am back :) I missed my laptop and photoshop but now I have one more place ticked off the bucket list (which is quite extensive, believe me) and came home with 2307 pictures to edit/review/upload. 39 more words


Finally! After months of absence

Agnes decided to take the train home. No reason. A swift decision that was made by her heart rather than her brain. Intuition vs common sense. 353 more words


Life Through The Lens - Part II - August 9 Image

After a 4 hour delay leaving Mexico City, we finally got into the air. A few hundred kilometers later the sky was beautiful!