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What’s The Difference Between Windows 8 And Windows 8 Pro?

You are aware about the fact that Windows 8 has four different versions. These are Windows 8, Enterprise, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 RT. While Windows 8, Enterprise and Windows 8 Pro are mainly for the use of traditional PCs, the Windows 8 RT has been designed for mobile phones and tablets. 435 more words

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Nokia Lumia 930 with free wireless charger

Nokia Lumia 930 officially announced earlier this week , we show that the impression of fast hands and Verizon exclusive Lumia smartphones icon little difference in terms of hardware . 200 more words

Windows 8 Pro

News reading: cloud service in World War II continued warming Microsoft first commercial Nance

Microsoft Microsoft Azure public cloud to take the lead in the commercial message, is a small climax recently cloud giant domestic market war. For the public cloud services to commercial operation officially released, Microsoft is carefully planned and prepared for. 479 more words


XP infection rate than any other system

Relative to XP, the latest Win8 can be described in terms of safety the latest and greatest technology , providing the greatest extent in the most secure operating environment to the user. 290 more words

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Shoot me, please.

I haven’t posted here in about five months so I am making my triumphant return with a technology rant!

So I don’t know who to be infuriated with: Best Buy, Microsoft or my job. 596 more words