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Learn and Win

We are in the middle of the of the holiday season. Things are slowing down and we have finally some free time to spent. So why not learn something new? 894 more words


Fixing Windows 8.1 blank start menu

Some older programs not updated to work correctly with Windows 8/8.1 will produce some very undesirable results when uninstalling them, such as clearing out your start and app screens. 185 more words

Protect and organize your files by learning how to partition your hard drive in Win 8 with this guide

When you partition a hard drive, you are setting aside a chunk of space in it that can be used however you choose. There are many perks to partitioning, depending on your point of few, but here are three key potential benefits to keep in mind. 9 more words


Una nueva vulnerabilidad bloquea al WhatsApp de Android

Dos jóvenes de la India descubren una nueva vulnerabilidad que bloquea al WhatsApp de Android.
La aplicación quedaría bloqueada con sólo un mensaje enviado por un contacto. 194 more words


List of Bible Related Software

I could not find a good list of apps related to Bible, so just like my previous post, I decided to start off one of my own. 404 more words



I’ve had this new Dell laptop since September. It’s got windows 8 on it, which I’ve never operated, and I couldnt find how to turn on my webcam. 117 more words


Download This Windows 8.1 Quick Reference Card

I happened, by chance, to come across this Windows 8.1 Quick Reference Card by Custom Guide Interactive (that your can download or print) that is buried at the University of Incarnate Word (whatever that is). 57 more words