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Have you ever used a desktop blogging client?

I’ve gotten used to the WordPress dashboard.

Actually… I’ve come to cherish it.

But here I am, on Windows Live Writer. Feeling a little discombobulated, out of sorts, displaced. 169 more words


I’m Using Windows Live Writer!

Wow, I must say things are easier using this free program from Microsoft! The GUI looks like MS Word. I’m quite surprised at how easy it is to use this. 115 more words

Stuff Addiction

ScribeFire - A Browser Based Blogging Editor

This past week I decided to completely do a Windows 8 OS re-install on my PC (HP m8100n). My computer is over 7 years old, is used extensively on a daily basis, and has been through the Windows Vista, 7, and the 8 operating systems, without doing anything really major; other than replacing the power supply a couple years back and recently upgrading to a hybrid Seagate drive. 566 more words



If you are like me and use a combination of Windows Live Writer and Flickr to write and store your blog photographs I have some good news for you. 142 more words

Say It With A Camera

Experimenting with Windows Live Writer

Taking a bit of a punt, here, team: does anyone out there know about this … ahh … ‘application’ ?

Moi non; but Titi told me about it when I asked about tables in posts; and I’m not one to look a gifthorse in the mouth . 105 more words


How to work around flat flush-left nested lists in Windows Live Writer

  1. Windows Live Writer (2012), in WYSIWYG  mode under the “edit” tab, conveniently interprets “tab” keys, when issued within an <ol>/<ul>, as, i.e. converts them into…
  2. 122 more words

How to work around broken links and visible “Machine generated alternative text”issues with images from MS-OneNote in Windows Live Writer

  1. Problem: Sometimes when you use Windows Live Writer (2012) to post images copied from MS-OneNote (2010, 2013), the result (on WordPress) can get messed up, like so (
  2. 275 more words