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How to hide secret photos in Windows Phone

People like to stick their noses in other people’s business – after all—such behavior is ingrained in our nature. The more we find out about what other people are doing or hiding, the more we enjoy ourselves. 507 more words


Microsoft Windows 8.1 update. What to expect

Only a few weeks back Microsoft began slowly updating a handful of users devices to its newest update Windows 8.1. Now that it has had some time to look at the data, we look set to be getting a new update to the OS and its so far being called ‘The first update to Windows 8.1′ – confused yet? 266 more words

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Why mobile operating systems don't matter anymore

It seems odd to do a whole series on mobile operating systems then follow end it with this oddly named blog but I wanted to underline the whole thing by just showing where OS is going and 2014 and beyond. 470 more words

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Choosing a mobile OS for Enterprise - Top 10 check list questions

We had some great questions last week about mobile OS so I decided to write a few more blogs about some of them.  Today we have a top 10 check list to help you choose the right mobile OS for your enterprise. 445 more words

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