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Computer tip: Disk cleanup in Windows Server 2008 & Server 2008 R2

By default Disk Cleanup is missing in Windows Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2. This is “by design’ as it is part of the “Desktop Experience” feature. 191 more words


Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server Training - Instant Techies

Interested in getting hands-on experience with Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server? Register now for Live Server training course scheduled on December 19th. Brought to you by the Instant Techies Techincal Services (ITTS), this course covers Installation, troubleshooting and Windows server 2008 R2 and Active Directory. 27 more words

Good Free Apps for Windows Server (That don’t complain)

One of the main snags anyone will run into while setting up a Windows Server based computer for home use, no matter if it’s a Windows Home Server or WHS 2011 install on a old Pentium 4 or cheap Atom/Via Mini ITX board, or a old server you got from a place throwing it out, or a server you snagged off eBay cheap, is that tons of software won’t work on it. 416 more words

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Windows Search/Windows Indexing Service Error Event ID 3036

This is one that has puzzled me for about 2 weeks.  And the net is rife with similar issues.  You have probably come to the end of your tether with this, as did I.   281 more words

Outlook Search

IFM для DCPromo

Если вы действительно хотите ускорить процесс DCPromo, существует не так много способов это сделать, когда команда уже запущена. Однако, вы можете использовать вариант установки DCPromo /adv Install From Media (IFM). 178 more words

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I translated this so please bare with me... It's in russian. I found it intriguing and wanted to share it for us english speaking folk! If you really want to speed up the process DCPromo, there are not many ways to do this when the team is already running. However, you can use the option to install DCPromo / adv Install From Media (IFM). Using IFM, when you are creating a new controller in the same domain (which must be in the same domain, because this procedure effectively performs a snapshot of the domain partition and SYSVOL, if they are selected), the execution speed is greatly increased, since all data is local domain . Any new data added to the AD domain after applying the IFM created automatically tightened to a new controller as part of replication AD. This is a great option for improving the domain controllers in the network with low bandwidth (although this will not help the global catalog (Global Catalog). treewalk NOTE: IFM media must be used before the expiration of the tombstone lifetime. This means that if the tombstone lifetime is 180 days, IFM carrier will fit 180 days after creation. Also make sure that you create the IFM on the domain controller with the same version of the OS and SP, for which going to perform the installation using the media. $Mode = «Full» ## Set to this when promoting to a fully writable DC $Mode = «RODC» ## Set to this when promoting to a Read Only DC$IFMPath = «c:\temp\IFM» ## This is where the IFM media set will be createdwrite-output «Creating the IFM media set…» `r write-output «This process can take about 15 minutes» `r$IFMResult = ntdsutil «activate instance ntds» ifm «create sysvol $Mode $IFMPath»write-output «Creation of the IFM media set is complete…» `r write-output «The result of this operation is:» `r $IFMResultIF ($IFMResult -like «*IFM media created successfully*») { ## OPEN IF IFMResult was successful write-output «The script successfully created the IFM Media Set and will now copy it to the specified network destination.» `r $Success = «True» } ## CLOSE IF IFMResult was successful You can remove the "sysvol" from the string $ IFMResult, unless you want to include data SYSVOL. If you delete the SYSVOL data from IFM, the new controller will pull all the data from the SYSVOL replication partner on the network. When the process is successfully finished the script, run DCPromo / ADV, at the request of the wizard, select Replicate data from media and enter the path to finding the file IFM ($ IFMPath).

Build a Windows Server 2008 R2 Domain Controller

I posted a tutorial on creating a domain controller using Windows Server 2003, and decided to post an update that included step-by-step instructions for Windows Server 2008 R2.  This should be the same for Windows Server 2008. 804 more words


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I still prefer DCPROMO but it's still a good resource for us geeky folk!